Praying for loved ones

Posted Nov 17th 2007, 09:45 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

I have a young man here who has been lately converted. His parents cannot bear him; they entertain the strongest opposition to him, and they threaten him that if he does not leave off praying they will turn him out of doors. Young man! I have a little story to tell you. There was once a young man in your position: he had begun to pray, and his father knew it. He said to him, “John, you know I am...

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Prayer precedes the blessing

Posted Nov 16th 2007, 07:12 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

Wherever in Holy Writ you shall find the blessing you shall find the prayer that went before it. Our Lord Jesus Christ was the greatest blessing that men ever had. He was God’s best boon to a sorrowing world. And did prayer precede Christ’s advent? Was there any prayer which went before the coming of the Lord, when he appeared in the temple? Oh yes, the prayers of saints for many ages had followed each other. Abraham saw his day,...

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I waited patiently for the Lord

Posted Nov 15th 2007, 12:06 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

“I waited patiently for the Lord.” (Psalm 40:1)
Patient waiting upon God was a special characteristic of our Lord Jesus. Impatience never lingered in his heart, much less escaped his lips. All through his agony in the garden, his trial of cruel mockings before Herod and Pilate, and his passion on the tree, he waited in omnipotence of patience. No glance of wrath, no word of murmuring, no deed of vengeance came from God's patient Lamb; he waited and waited...

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The Omnisicience of God

Posted Nov 14th 2007, 10:20 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

All these things are known of God. We have often had very clear proof of God’s knowing what is in man’s heart, even in the ministry. Some months ago, whilst standing here preaching, I deliberately pointed to a man in the midst of the crowd, and said these words — “There is a man sitting there that is a shoemaker keeps his shop open on Sunday, had his shop open last Sabbath morning, took ninepence, and there was fourpence profit...

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The coming of Messiah

Posted Nov 13th 2007, 03:04 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

The coming of Messiah was the desire of the godly in all ages, and though he has already come with a sin-offering to purge away iniquity, we look for him to come a second time, to come without a sin-offering unto salvation. O that these weary years would have an end! Why tarries he so long? He knows that sin abounds and that his people are down-trodden; why comes he not to the rescue? His glorious advent will restore his...

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Guiltless in the sight of God

Posted Nov 12th 2007, 08:35 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

As soon as a repenting sinner is justified, remember, he is justified for all his sins. Here stands a man all guilty. The moment he believes in Christ, his pardon at once he receives and his sins are no longer his; they are cast into the depths of the sea. They were laid upon the shoulders of Christ, and they are gone. The man stands a guiltless man in the sight of God, accepted in the beloved. “What!” say you,...

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The eye of faith

Posted Nov 10th 2007, 08:30 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

I have heard of a church clergyman who was once waited upon by his church warden, after a long time of drought, and was requested to put up the prayer for rain. “Well,” said he, “my good man, I will offer it, but it’s not a bit of use while the wind’s in the east, I’m sure.”
There are many who have that kind of faith: they believe just so far as probabilities go with them, but when the promise and...

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Who is Jesus?

Posted Nov 9th 2007, 09:00 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

It is one of the mysteries of the Christian religion, that we are taught to believe that Christ is God, and yet a man. According to Scripture, we hold that he is “very God,” equal and co-eternal with the Father, possessing, as his Father does, all divine attributes in an infinite degree. He participated with his Father in all the acts of his divine might; he was concerned in the decree of election, in the fashioning of the covenant; in...

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The Exaltation of Christ

Posted Nov 8th 2007, 09:30 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

Look at him! Can your imagination picture him? Behold his transcendent glory! The majesty of kings is swallowed up; the pomp of empires dissolves like the white mist of the morning before the sun, the brightness of assembled armies is eclipsed. He in himself is brighter than the sun, more terrible than armies with banners. See him! See him! Oh! hide your heads, ye monarchs; put away your gaudy pageantry, ye lords of this poor narrow earth! His kingdom knows...

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Honor and humility

Posted Nov 7th 2007, 09:30 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

A good man may have honor in this life. Daniel had honor before the people; Joseph rode in the second chariot, and the people bowed the knee before him. God often clothes his children with honor in the face of their adversaries, and makes the wicked confess that the Lord is with them in deed and in truth. But God forbids our making that honor a cloak for pride, and bids us seek humility which always accompanies as well as...

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The finished work of Christ

Posted Nov 6th 2007, 08:30 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

“This man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God; From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool.” — Hebrews 10:12, 13.
He has done all that was necessary to be done, to make an atonement and an end of sin. He has done so much, that it will never be necessary for him again to be crucified. His side, once opened, has sent forth a stream deep, deep...

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Love Christ and His Truth

Posted Nov 3rd 2007, 08:30 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

Love Christ and love Christ’s truth because it is Christ’s truth, for Christ’s sake and if you love the truth you will not let it go. It is very hard to turn a man away from the truth he loves.
“Oh!” says one, “I cannot argue with you about it, but I cannot give it up: I love it, and cannot live without it; it is a part of myself, woven into my very nature; and though my opponent says that...

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Not of this world

Posted Nov 2nd 2007, 08:30 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

A Christian is as essentially different from a worldling as a dove is from a raven, or a lamb from a lion. He is not of the world even in his nature. You could not make him a worldling. You might do what you liked; you might cause him to fall into some temporary sin; but you could not make him a worldling. You might cause him to backslide; but you could not make him a sinner, as he used...

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The Spirit is the source of our success

Posted Nov 1st 2007, 08:30 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

I see no reason why I should not, tomorrow, preach a sermon which should be the means of the salvation of all who heard it, if God the Spirit were poured out. The word is able to convert, just as extensively as God the Spirit pleases to apply it; and I can see no reason why, if converts come in by ones and twos now, there should not be a time when hundreds and thousands shall come to God. The...

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Whom will you serve?

Posted Oct 30th 2007, 08:30 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

Don’t stand halting between two opinions, but just say, once for all, whom you will serve. If you choose the devil, choose him, love him, serve him, and rejoice in your choice. If you choose hell, go there, rush madly there; it’s a fearful dwelling place for eternity - an awful home for ever! But if you choose God,; beseech you be in downright earnest about it. The religion of the present day, what mockery it is to call it...

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