Change in E-Group

Posted Sep 29th 2005, 07:22 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

For those of you that have not noticed yet, we have almost totally suspended use of the InJesus service. InJesus is awesome, however, we have moved to a format that enables us to provide pictures and easily change formats for various events. We have also began to separate the interest categories in this egroup. Some have expressed a desire to keep up with RIHOP or Common Thread (Community Transformation) related events only, and others desire to continue...

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New Format for Upcoming Events/Transformations Events, etc.

Posted Aug 14th 2005, 01:10 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

You may have already received an email entitled "Upcoming Events for Richmond", which lists various upcoming things you may be interested in. Please open it and read it. We are frantically updating our system of communication to stream-line and become more efficient. Technology improves far faster than I do. Please make sure that your email account accepts emails from We will also be sending The Common Thread Updates in this fashion to save on...

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Silent Siege Coming to Richmond

Posted Aug 8th 2005, 01:13 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

This is a quick "heads-up" email to let you know that the Silent Siege is coming to Richmond. PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO YOUTH PASTORS, CAMPUS MINISTRIES, ETC. as the youth tend to be the main thrust during the Silent Sieges.
A team of approximately 20 from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, under the leadership of Ben Atkinson, will be in Richmond August 21-23, 2005.
This team is working under the guidance of Lou Engle and Kirk Bennett...

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Help for the Starving in Niger

Posted Aug 3rd 2005, 08:27 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

I am copying this message off of the Urban Ministries Hotline group. I am absolutely praying that some of you will be stirred by the Lord to help the food crisis in Niger. Pat is part of the same team that I am going with to Niger in September. She is collecting food to put in a container with Convoy of Hope to send to Niger. It is scheduled to ship next week. I do...

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Thanks, Niger, Request from Roger Hershberger

Posted Aug 2nd 2005, 08:32 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

1.   I want to thank those of you that
regularly support this ministry and those that have given above and beyond
towards my trip to Niger, Africa, I am halfway there!  The more I hear
about the desperation and famine going on in Niger, the more I want to place my
feet on the soil and declare that OUR GOD LIVES AND REIGNS.  I have

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Prayer Points: Global Bridegroom Fast

Posted Jul 31st 2005, 09:12 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

Below are the
prayer points for the Global Bridegroom Fast.  Please consider fasting and
praying in your churches, homes, businesses, etc.  If you would like to
join us at RIHOP, we will be focusing on these prayer points at the watch on
Monday evening from 8-10pm.  Directions to RIHOP can be found at
May His Kingdom
Come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
Sherrie Moore
of the Holy Spirit and unity in the Church (John 14:12; 17:2-23)
Spiritual breakthroughs...

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Global Bridegroom Fast

Posted Jul 28th 2005, 11:53 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

THE RICHMOND INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PRAYER partners with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, along with many Believers throughout the earth for this time of prayer and fasting. The note below is from Jeff Gunther, RIHOP's Global Bridegroom Fast Coordinator.
Blessings to you,
Just a friendly reminder that Monday, August 1 is the beginning of the Global Bridegroom Fast,...

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Richmond connected to KENYA - Go FLM

Posted Jul 20th 2005, 09:29 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

I know there are many, many connections in the Metro-Richmond area to Africa. Here is a response I received from a friend that attends Faith Landmark Ministries. Jesus has his eye on the harvest! Let us pray for God to cause speeding deliverance in Kenya (below) as the leaders at Faith Landmarks join Jesus in that country (August trip).
Please do not hesitate to send reports of how those in our area are connected to the nations....

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Update & Request from Sherrie (NIGER)

Posted Jul 18th 2005, 03:19 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

Dear Folks,
You will be receiving an e-mail newsletter from The Common Thread shortly.  We
are hoping that it will be a concise way to give you an update of the work
that Matthew and I, with the team at the Common Thread and the Richmond
International House of Prayer (RIHOP), have been engaged in.  We have been
sending it snail-mail, but in an effort to...

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update on Jeanine's dad

Posted Jul 18th 2005, 01:48 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

Below is an update from Chris Guidry on Jeanine's dad. Thanks for praying.
Dear prayer warrior:
Praise the Lord, he (Jeanine's dad--John Drost) came through. He is weak and still needs healing prayer, but he came through. Pray for Jeanine as she travels on Wednesday to be with her father. I join Jeanine the following week. Pray for John's spirit to stay encouraged and his body to heal quickly. There will potentially be one more surgery in a few days....

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Testimony from Children's Prayer Watch - Next watch information

Posted Jul 17th 2005, 11:50 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Pastor Pete and his team (middle schoolers) from Mechanicsville Christian Center for coming every third Friday to RIHOP and leading a prayer watch for Richmond geared towards Children.
The following dates are for the next 3 children's watches. Pastor Pete is working on teaching the children the principles of intercession and relationship with the Lord. August's watch will focus on the Father Heart of God. The watch in...

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Children Outpouring and Children Watch Tomorrow Night (other watches also)

Posted Jul 14th 2005, 02:07 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

Children and Intercession
Children's Prayer Watch
Tomorrow Night (7/15) 6-8pm, plus other Friday watches at RIHOP
Children and Intercession:
My friend Kim called me this morning and brought my attention to a report on
CBN regarding a revival among children in the Philippines.

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update of Jeanine's dad, urgent prayer request

Posted Jul 9th 2005, 02:53 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

July 9, 2005, 2pm
Please hold these two important prayer needs up before the Lord.
Thank you,
Sherrie Moore
Dear prayer warriors:
Jeanine's father is still in need of prayer. They are accelerating the time schedule for a second surgery to remove a tumor in his lungs since the tumor is big. They expect to operate on the 18th or 19th and remove half of his lung.
The more immediate concern is that the pain medication is not...

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RIHOP Informational Meeting tonight (REMINDER)

Posted Jul 7th 2005, 10:50 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

For those of you interested in what is happening in the Richmond International House of Prayer, there will be a small informal informational meeting tonight at Commonwealth Chapel at 7:00 pm. Directions for Commonwealth Chapel can be found at (and below). This meeting will include important directional changes for RIHOP as well as a call for those who would like to join us in establishing a Worship and Prayer Missions Base in the city with a...

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Prayer for Jeanine Guidry's Dad

Posted Jul 6th 2005, 03:31 by TheCommonThread on Prayer

Below are emails regarding Jeanine Guidry's father. He has already gone through surgery and is in recovery. It is very important that we continue to pray for him.
Thank you,
Sherrie Moore
Sorry for the tardiness, the egroups did not work properly. Could you please pray for healing and get this to as many prayer warriors as possible? I know most of you will get this in the morning, but Pa will still be in need of prayer for a...

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