Merry Christmas - God Bless You

Posted Nov 30th 2008, 01:15 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

Dear Friends and Intercessors,
Praying blessings to all in this holiday season.
Christmas is a wonderful time of celebration of God's great gift to the world.
In addition to sharing love and blessings, this is to let you know that I am updating the email used to send these notes. From now on you will be receiving notes from Making a Difference with Prayer (
Lifting up Jesus in this Christmas Season.
If you want to stop receiving these notes simply reply to this...

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It's time for Christians to Pray and to Rise Up in Ministry

Posted Nov 2nd 2008, 12:24 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

As followers of Christ we have been given all things that pertain to life and godliness (1 Pet 1:3), and we have been blessed with ever spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ (Eph 1:3).
Yes, we need to pray - yet, not from a place of worry or fear. The Lord has blessed His people and given us abundant life (John 101:10) and we have been filled with His fullness.
It is time to rise up and minister the life and...

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It's time to step up our prayers and declare the Victory in Christ!

Posted Oct 26th 2008, 09:55 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

There are multiple calls to prayer for what is going on in America with the upcoming elections and the current financial situation. It is a good thing...

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Jesus is greater than the circumstances

Posted Oct 18th 2008, 11:44 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

I thank God that He is greater than the financial mess the US in in. I am thankful that He is greater than all the financial and political advisers, that He is greater than the new media and all the commentators. I am thankful that the Lord Jesus Christ is greater than all, even greater than McCain and Obama.
As followers of Christ, as believers, as Christians - we put our hope in the living God. We put our hope in...

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The Lord God is the Best Father

Posted Jun 15th 2008, 11:09 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

As we celebrate Father's Day today, let us honor our Father God and give Him thanks, and let us join together in praise and worship - for He alone is worthy.
He is the Creator, the giver of life, the almighty God, He is the everlasting Father, He is the righteous Judge, He is the I AM, He is perfect, He is holy, He is true, He is a shield, He is the glory and lifter of our head, He hears...

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Now is the Day - Now is the Time

Posted May 17th 2008, 10:33 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

God has given His people as gifts to the world. We are His representatives, His ambassadors, and we have been commissioned to preach, to minister reconciliation, to pray, to declare His word, to speak forth His praises, to make disciples, to mentor, to serve, to lay hands on the sick, to cast out demons, to teach, to baptize, to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to set at liberty the oppressed, to shine as lights in...

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The Peace of God

Posted Jan 20th 2008, 08:29 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

One of the exciting aspects about prayer is that as you pray God enriches your life. Praying is one of those actions that works both in you and through you. A life of prayer is so much more than just asking the Lord to move in people

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Let there be new things in the New Year

Posted Dec 30th 2007, 10:51 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

God has given us all so very much - more than most of us realize. Let us all join in prayer that this year will be a year of a new and more powerful expression of God in His people. He has filled us with the fullness of His power, He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, and He longs to shine His light and love through all of us.
May this New Year be a...

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Count Your Blessings

Posted Nov 22nd 2007, 11:26 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

Dear Friends and Intercessors;
Most of us at some time in our life have shared this phrase with another, or have had it shared with us. While it is simple, it is powerful. It can lift our vision and it can get us out of a negative mindset, and most importantly can help get our focus on the Lord instead of the circumstances.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because it always reminds me to focus on the Lord...

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Worship - It's not just for Sunday Morning

Posted Aug 31st 2007, 09:01 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

Dear Friends and Intercessors;
The exciting thing about life with the Lord and our relationship with Jesus is that it is real and it pleases Him. We know that prayer is more than just reading off a list of needs, it is about a two way communication, it is about communion with the Lord. When we are active and involved with our relationship, when we really "enter in" we can find that it is not just only about praying....

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The Inspired Word of God

Posted Aug 23rd 2007, 09:14 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

God is liberal and free with His Word. He is constantly speaking to His people through the Bible and through the indwelling Holy Spirit. The Word is rich with many examples and narratives about people hearing from God, it is rich with all sorts of promises about Him speaking to us. God loves relationship and looks for an ongoing dialog with each and every one of us. Our personal relationship with Jesus is special and as...

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Being Wise Virgins

Posted Aug 13th 2007, 08:39 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

In Matt 25 Jesus taught about the importance of being a wise virgin. In His teaching He contrasts 5 foolish virgins with 5 wise virgins. All 10 were virgins, all 10 had lamps, all 10 were waiting for the bridegroom, and all 10 slumbered as the bridegroom was delayed.
The only difference in this story is that 5 are counted wise because they had oil for their lamps; the unwise had no oil. The five wise were received into...

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A Great and a Full Life

Posted Aug 11th 2007, 10:48 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

I recently heard a speaker preach on what it takes to have a great life and a full life. This is something so many of us want and look for, to be able to have success and to enjoy an abundant life.
Well this the speaker was able to break this down to a simple level and said if what we wanted was a great and a full life, the key was to be grateful.

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Oh Taste and See

Posted Aug 5th 2007, 01:13 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

Ps 34:8 Taste and See that the Lord is good
Taste, perceive, and experience the Lord, who He is and what He is all about. For He is good - He is pleasant, agreeable, excellent, valuable, appropriate, becoming, kind, and right.
David, as the writer of this psalm wants to describe the Lord and his experience of the Lord. David expresses what is to desire the Lord in Ps 42:1,2 where he writes, As the deer pants for the water brooks,...

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They Had Been With Jesus

Posted Jul 28th 2007, 09:36 by Making a Difference with Prayer on Prayer

Prayer in its basic form is simply communication, or communion, with God. Another way to say this is talking with God or just spending time with Him. It is about relationship and letting Him share His love and heart with us. Prayer is so much more than working through a "shopping list" or "wish list" with the Lord; it is about being with Him. Rom 12;1-2 tells us that as we present ourselves to God He transforms us, or starts...

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