Closing of the Rustling Grass

Posted Apr 9th 2010, 08:01 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Dear friends and family,
I regret that as of the 14th of this month the Rustling Grass will no longer be functional. Changes are being made to facilitate a better web site. Sadly it will incur a monthly cost I am not able to afford.
Please continue to forward your prayers and updates to my home email It will be my pleasure to continue to pray for you. May the Spirit of the Lord rustle thru the...

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Prayer Request - Curly's family

Posted Mar 25th 2010, 07:57 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Please pray for our family. Curly passed away today. Remember those who will miss him. Thank you

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Prayer Request - My Kids

Posted Mar 25th 2010, 05:17 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

From Rachel:
My three children were taken by CPS six months ago due to no wrongdoing of mine. The school placed my disabled son in a restraint and left a bruise, but they denied leaving the bruise so the blame was put on me.
The children have been shuffled around quite a bit but right now two of them are in a safe foster home with a caring woman. Today I am asking for prayers for my 6-year-old son Alex...

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Prayer Request - Shannon

Posted Feb 28th 2010, 09:30 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

That the Lord would have full control of my life and that id get my life back. That my body be a vessel for the Holy Spirit and all satanic interferences and blocks be destroyed. I'm in an intense spiritual battle at the moment.
Please pray for Gods loving arms to protect me and deliver me from harm, particularly any harassment and ritualistic abuse. For the Lord to bring other people into my life who are experiencing the same thing. Please...

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Prayer Request - Caleb

Posted Feb 27th 2010, 10:12 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Please pray for my youngest grandson, Caleb, he is 8 mo. old. He is having surgery on Monday. March 1st. He will be at John's Hopkins. Please say a prayer for my daughter, Karen too.
Thanks and may God bless all.

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Prayer Request and Update - Jackson

Posted Feb 12th 2010, 04:03 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Dad wanted me to let you all know what has been going on with Jackson. He was admitted Saturday to the pediatric ICU with RSV and pneumonia. RSV is a respiratory virus that affects the lungs in young babies. He was put on a respirator because he wasn't breathing very well on his own and is totally sedated. Early Monday morning while they were giving him a breathing treatment something happened to make his lungs fill...

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Prayer Request - Nicholas

Posted Feb 11th 2010, 02:37 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Our daughter, Amy, took her five month old baby, Nicholas to the doctor on Tuesday. The daughter diagnosed Nicholas with a staff infection. Amy and her husband, Tony, are headed to the ER this afternoon because Nicholas does not seem to be getting better. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, peace for Amy and Tony (and me, the Nana), and for healing of our precious little Nicholas.

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Prayer Request - baby Jackson Drake

Posted Feb 8th 2010, 03:04 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Hey guys, want to apologize for not letting you know sooner. Need your prayers for Jennifer's baby. Was taken to the hospital last week because he was having trouble breathing. He was admitted and was diagnosed with RSV and pneumonia. He was making good progress until last night when his lungs collapsed. Now all we can do is wait, and pray and put this child of God in His hands. Thanks and Love you all.

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Prayer Update - Mitchell

Posted Feb 7th 2010, 08:42 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Mitchell seems to be getting back to his old self. They think the 3 wk. fever is from a virus, then sinus infection, then a cold. The fever seems to be gone and he is just starting to eat what he used to and now he is getting off the couch to play. Chasing the dog and hide and seek. He sounds better too.
Praise the Lord in every thing, every day
Thank you everyone for prayers and...

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Prayer Request - Nathan

Posted Feb 7th 2010, 06:24 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Please pray for my grandson Nathan Richardson. He is 13 years old, and today my daughter found out he has pornograpy in his room, girls clothing and other paraphenalia that he has been having sex, and possibly homosexual sex. He gave his heart to Jesus at an early age about 6, but somewhere over the last year Satan has gotten to him. Please pray for his heart to be turned back to the Lord, that deliverance will come, and that...

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Prayer Request - Mitchell

Posted Feb 1st 2010, 09:32 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Please pray for our grandson Mitchell. He is still running a fever, 3 wks. now. The doctor said to take to the emergency room in the a.m. Another echo. and more blood work. We are hoping the new blood test will show his infection is getting better. Please pray for mom and dad too.

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Prayer Request - A friend

Posted Jan 28th 2010, 06:06 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

I have a relative who is having serious marital and business problems. Please pray for him and his family.

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URGENT Prayer for Allie

Posted Jan 28th 2010, 04:07 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

I just received a text from Tim regarding Allie's current condition. One of Allie's valves is now leaking and her heart is weakening. It cannot be fixed. Allie will be put on a transplant list very quickly and hopefully a donor can be found. Pray hard. Tim will let let me know more as things develop.
PLEASE put this baby on your prayer listings.. She is a daughter of a business associate of mine -...

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Prayer Request - Mitchell

Posted Jan 24th 2010, 09:48 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Please pray for our grandson Mitchell. He is on his way back to the hospital. 2nd. time since he came home, Tues.
He still has the respiratory virus and collapsed lung and fluid. They ( doctors) said to bring him back in for an echo.
Pray that there is no fluid around the heart.
Again, thanks
Danny and Alice

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Prayer Request - Mitchell

Posted Jan 23rd 2010, 10:38 by The Rustling Grass on Prayer

Hey everyone. I'm asking for prayer again for Mitchell. He is on his way to the hospital. He came throught his heart surgery fine but, while in the hospital he caught a cold and was still sent home. He coughs a lot and throws up his medicines.
Thanks again.
Mom mom and Pop pop

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