Waiting Upon the Lord, by Wade Taylor

Posted May 5th 2009, 12:56 by Foundations on Prophetic

  Waiting Upon the Lord
  By Wade Taylor
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Note from Doug Fortune:
Wade Taylor will be in Raleigh, NC Saturday May 16 at 7:30....

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Learning to Flow In New Mantles of Grace, by Cindy Allen

Posted May 5th 2009, 02:13 by Foundations on Prophetic

Very recently, God has been leading us in our circles of relationship to expand us as we begin to see how He desires to move in those relationships that are beyond our accountability groups and teams. The Pearl of Great Price that we seek to apprehend in this hour is the anointing and ministry that flows through an apostolic and prophetic grace. Once we know how to wear this suit in order to move in it and flow with God in our...

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What's in Your Identity?, by Cindy Allen

Posted May 4th 2009, 12:12 by Foundations on Prophetic

What’s In Your Identity?  
The Church in the Noun and the Verb
A few years ago, God began dealing with me about how I hear Him in relationship to the City Church. This term, “City Church” simply speaks of our accountability to a greater, corporate body, even as we remain faithful to where we have been assigned. Walking this out relationally has forever changed many of my perspectives and has revolutionized my life in many areas. Where we learn to see Jesus in His body...

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Sonrise Coming!, by Cindy Allen

Posted Apr 14th 2009, 11:03 by Foundations on Prophetic

I've been seeing a SONRISE.  This is not in the sky, but in the land.  There is a healing of the land that is about to be demonstrated to us that our eyes have never seen.  This move of the Spirit will produce a separation of wheat and tares in some circumstances.  There are those who recognize God outwardly through the appearance of religion and there are those who identify with the Spirit of the Living God as He is manifest within the...

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Special Note On Behalf of Russell Durose and Global Network of Disciples

Posted Apr 8th 2009, 01:04 by Foundations on Prophetic

This is a special note to announce the intentions of our ministry, Global Network of Disciples, as we align ourselves in prophetic intercession with Russell Durose of Fire Ministries of Portugal. As a networking ministry, we often experience God moving holistically in relationship with the five fold ministries to bring healing to people’s lives on many levels. Through an understanding of how the five fold ministries function in the marketplaces of our lives, we often network to form whatever standard of ministry...

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Building Natural Families Through Spiritual Families, by Cindy Allen

Posted Apr 5th 2009, 08:15 by Foundations on Prophetic

We can all relate to how ministry and anointing comes upon us through being submitted to our leaders. In contrast to this, we can also relate to how relational standards come upon us through traditions and expectations within our natural families. Through the mantles that fall on us from heaven, a spiritual family begins to form around us. The spiritual families within the Church provide the relationship needed to apply the Word of God to our lives effectively on a...

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Celtic Christianity, by Apostle Doug Fortune

Posted Mar 18th 2009, 03:23 by Foundations on Prophetic

  Doug Fortune
As I worked on my HIGHLAND Worship CD, a mostly Celtic musical style, I became intrigued by the lives of some of the ancient Celtic saints, Patrick...

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"60 Trends that will Emerge with the Full Restoration of Apostles and Prophets", by Apostle John Eckhardt

Posted Feb 24th 2009, 09:57 by Foundations on Prophetic

It is imperative that apostles and prophets come into their appointed positions of leadership in the Church. These are governmental gifts that have tremendous authority to execute the plans and purposes of God. In order to do this they must be identified and released.
When apostles and prophets come into their place, the Church will experience great blessing. Individuals must begin to walk in these callings with confidence and boldness. They need to know the functions of their offices in...

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Recognizing the Ministry of Reconciliation, by Cindy Allen

Posted Feb 19th 2009, 12:10 by Foundations on Prophetic

I believe that the Ministry of Reconciliation is the most misunderstood ministry in Christ.  The Ministry of Reconciliation cannot be recognized without an understanding of how the five fold ministries operate in the daily lifestyles of the saints of God. The Ministry of Reconciliation is also where we often fail to see the purposes that the Holy Spirit is accomplishing in regards to gathering a corporate work.  This is because of the demand that this ministry places on us as individuals...

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New InJesus format

Posted Feb 10th 2009, 09:48 by Foundations on Prophetic

Hello everyone,
I wanted to let you know that InJesus.com has a new format.  You might want to check it out by clicking on the links.  (Plus I wanted to see what our email would like like, smile)
Have a blessed week,
Cindy Allen

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Pressing Into the New, by Cindy Jacobs

Posted Jan 12th 2009, 08:15 by Foundations on Prophetic

By Cindy Jacobs www.generals.org
As I have been seeking the Lord for a word for 2009, one seems to leap out to me in my spirit. It is the word "transition." This is a season [during which] we are going from the old to the new—from old wine to new wine. What do I mean by "new wine"? [I mean we are going] from what doesn't work to what does work or from the nonproductive to the productive.
It seems...

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Preparing To Judge and Discern In Times of Transition, by Cindy Allen

Posted Jan 12th 2009, 01:58 by Foundations on Prophetic

We are being prepared that the year 2009 is a year of discerning and judging. We will also begin to reflect more on the prophetic word in terms of being the words of life that flow out of holy lifestyles. These words are needed to raise the Body of Christ as a prophetic company to rise in stature.  
In a recent visitation from the Lord, I was given insight of how the Holy Spirit would soon begin moving on the saints in...

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God's Thrones of Judgment, by Cindy Allen

Posted Jan 3rd 2009, 02:16 by Foundations on Prophetic

For the past three days, I’ve been drinking deeply of Psalm 122 through a comprehensive word study.  Much of my attention has been directed on verse five where it says “For thrones are set there for judgment”. Interesting enough, one of the Hebrew definitions for judgment is “divine law”. Some of the other meanings are: adversary, measure, formal decree and govern.
Reading the entire passage of Psalm 122 gives us a very clear perspective of the authority that a prophetic voice speaks from, beginning with...

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Navigating Through Prophetic Times, by Cindy Allen

Posted Dec 28th 2008, 08:06 by Foundations on Prophetic

I most often minister out of marketplace perspectives because our foundations are formed and strengthened through our lifestyles.  True kingdom ministry will always flow out of this relationship.  Sometimes our relational paradigms need to be switched so we can comprehend the fullness of Christ through new perspectives. People in the marketplace sometimes need to experience the quickening spirit of Christ through the accountability that comes through being aligned with and submitted to ministry standards. Those in ministry likewise need to be ministered...

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Balance Between Heaven and Earth, by Jan Jansen // & note

Posted Dec 26th 2008, 09:45 by Foundations on Prophetic

Special Note:  The following word written by Jan Jansen seems to go hand in glove with the word that I recently published, Vision of the Scales of Justice.  This is especially so where reference is being made to the plumb lines that are falling.  Be blessed in reading this word in season. 
Cindy Allen
Balance Between Heaven and Earth
The Plumb Line in the Hand of Zerubbabel 
Jan Jansen
Global Fire Ministries
December 15, 2008
[as edited by Eric Green] 
The Spirit of Issachar 
Recently while...

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