A Report About The Awesome Work Going On In Uganda Amongst Orphans

Posted Dec 14th 2009, 01:10 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

Sharon used to be the youth leader at the church I worked at in Salem. She's now pioneering a work in Uganda. A lot of the time she pays her own way or from local supporters. I'm sure she would appreciate your prayers and / or support. Here's the latest report she has sent.
Uganda week 11 - When logic goes out the window...
Call it conventional wisdom, common sense... whatever.  Sometimes it does not rule the day.  Sometimes God has other...

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Jesus is Healing Our Past and Setting Up Our Future (Excellent Word)

Posted Dec 9th 2009, 05:24 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

Luke Holter:
Back to the Future: Jesus is Healing Our Past and Setting Up Our Future
Hope, Identity and Breakthrough
I have found myself charged by the Lord as of late to call the Church into a place of hope, identity, and breakthrough. Many in the Body are dealing with great grief, and are looking to their past and letting hurts, failures, and mistakes determine where they go in their future. God is committed to us coming into a place where we...

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Kathie Walters - DON'T GO DOWN

Posted Dec 1st 2009, 01:48 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

Gen: 26
I want to encourage you! "Don’t go down..."Let me explain. Isaac was living in a foreign place - not his own home town. He was living in Canaan and there was a famine in Canaan.People were leaving - you can’t blame them for that, your instinct is to kick into survival mode and go where you need to go and do what you need to do.One time when we lived in Florida we were going through a hard time...

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Prayer For Breathing Update

Posted Nov 23rd 2009, 11:38 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

My thanks to all of you who prayed for my breathing. I've seen it improve almost 100% in the daytime. This was due partly to prayer and also my changing my diet. This was a god thing anyway as I had been meaning to do this for a while and I feel so much healthier and have more energy as a result. However, the night time is still a problem for me. I'm still waking up every two hours and...

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Please Pray For My Breathing

Posted Nov 17th 2009, 12:34 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

Would you please be in prayer for my breathing. It's been hard for me to breathe, especialy while in bed, and that's with using an inhaler. I need to be healed of this or find a soulution. Pray especially tonight as I don't have anything left on the inhaler I've been using.
Thanks for your prayers,

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Kim Clement: "Your President Shall Have a Great Conversion in 2010 Which Will Bring About Changes to this Nation"

Posted Nov 9th 2009, 01:35 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

From the desk of Steve Shultz:
A good prophet often prophesies what the enemy intends for evil, not only what God intends for good, though they can both be true. The enemy would like us to believe something bad will happen to this President.
Most prophetic words are to be discerned from a distance AFTER the event has occurred. For instance, God would have known ahead of time of the death of a president, John F. Kennedy. It...

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Kim Clement: "You Are Coming Out of a Season of Suffocation"

Posted Nov 2nd 2009, 07:27 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

Prophesied on October 16, 2009, in Philadelphia, Mississippi:
The Spirit of the Lord says, "Hear the word of the Lord: Throughout this nation a spirit of divination has rested upon My people. The spirit of divination, which is a python that suffocates, this force has suffocated you and strangled you.
And the Spirit of God says, "Tonight the strangulation, the suffocation has been dealt with by My word. I'm giving you back your breath, I'm giving you back your energy; I'm...

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Is Obama About To Cede U.S Sovereignty?

Posted Oct 30th 2009, 05:56 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

What do you think? Click link below.

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The Heavenly Repair Man

Posted Oct 30th 2009, 01:49 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

 Did you know that God loves to repair things that are broken?
 A repair man came to my house one time. I can’t remember what he repaired now, but I do remember him telling me how he loved to repair things and make them whole again. Well God is like that too. This morning He spoke to me and said, " I love to repair broken things and people and make them whole again." He...

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When It's God It Won't Let Go

Posted Oct 27th 2009, 12:07 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

Cindy McGill: "Missions Accomplished: When It's God It Won't Let Go"
by Cindy McGill
Oct 27, 2009
God is designing our paths—there are things being prepared for us that we have not yet seen and have not been revealed. Our future days are full of hope, power, discernment and peace. He is the God of all hope and the God of all peace. When we can rest in His ability to guide us, we can stay in an attitude of peace and...

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Constrained By Love - SERIOUSLY! If You Never Listen To Another Message Listen To This

Posted Oct 15th 2009, 06:26 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

I'm not joking, I will PAY you if you listen to this! Click on the link below and listen to, or download the message from the 11th called Constrained by Love. If you want to know what the next move of God looks like this will give you a lot of clues. It's not about signs and wonders (all good things) and a lot of what has become religious in the charismatic church. It's about Love and this will help...

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Kathie Walters - Your harvest is due

Posted Oct 9th 2009, 02:18 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

GRRRRRRR FRUSTRATION!! Have you ever felt like that? Things looked promising, it looked like some good things were happening. All your sowing and believing were about to bear fruit, when suddenly, boom, it was gone.  Disappointment, frustration. You don't have the energy to start again or to fight anymore. Well one thing; if you can't see the enemy, you can't fight him.  If you don't discern his tactics you will not see him...

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Do You Want To Sell My Book And Keep Half The Money?

Posted Oct 7th 2009, 04:24 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

Do you want to SELL my book and KEEP HALF THE MONEY? In doing so you would, make money yourself, help me to live a "basic" life, and help encourage and raise awareness of reconciliation. All you have to do is click a mouse and re-distribute the PDF that the book is on to your friends or whoever you want. It's an e-book so...

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"The Land of Higher Peace" An Up Coming Film by Mark Stokes About AIDS Orphans in Ethiopia

Posted Oct 1st 2009, 11:26 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

Mark's a good friend of mine who is a journalist, screenwriter and filmmaker. Please remember to pray for him and the crew as they travel this week. For further information visit the film website on the link below.

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Posted Sep 24th 2009, 06:36 by Summer Rain Ministries on Prophetic

God wants you to get it from Him yourself!

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