Posted Apr 29th 2009, 07:19 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

To all of us
who sit down in the High God,s presence, who spend the night in Shaddi's shadow, say this: " Abba,
you're my refuge. I trust in you and am safe!"
That's right- he rescues us from hidden thing traps, he shields us from deadly hazards.
His huge outstreched arms protect us
under them we are
perfectly safe; his arms fend off all harm.
Fear nothing.
Not wolves(demons) in...

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Posted Apr 3rd 2009, 07:50 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

First I would like to thank God for all of you.Especially those of you who took the time to read most of the stuff written on this site for many a years. I am grateful that you watched and listened to me as I grew. We are here now in a world of new order. We, His children, have arrived in The New World Order. We see it directly as is. Confrontation time. I use to think...

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Posted Mar 13th 2009, 10:07 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

Father. I love you so.I need to, right now, bear my heart to you. There is confusion among your children. Father, those in which I speak of, belong totally to and are in you. I love them. I do believe with all that is within me, all of everything is You.Father. Please help us. We are totally and ABSOLUTELY dependent upon you. Thereis no where else to go. There is no more to do. Help us not to be deceived...

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Posted Dec 29th 2008, 11:38 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

Please hear the sounds that are springing forth from our hearts as one heart. Let these words and sighs that are breaking forth from our lips be heard in the eternal light of your glory
Father, Abba. You are our all in all. You mean everything to us. We are truly grateful, Your Majesty, for your teachings. Thank you for being so,so patient with us when we rebeled against loving our enemies. It was (and for some of...

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No One

Posted Nov 13th 2008, 07:42 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

Hello Everybody.
You all know what I mean now when I say "everybody" I am speaking to all of my comrade in arms. T
This is truly a wonderful time in which we are now living. These times are truly a delight and a joy. We are being a witness
to the often spoken of, the Glory of God. It has risen upon us. It is wonderful to see. We are witnessing the closing chapters...

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Father, Abba, I touch you now

Posted Aug 29th 2008, 09:29 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

Abba. Our Father. You know me. You see me. I belong to you. Hear me now, Lord. There is fear, Lord, amidst us. Many are deceived beyond repair. Only you, Father can bring Peace in the midst of Chaos. We are here with many of your own. We are in the middle of many crisies, Lord. We can truly see your glory being manifested in all the world. You are the One who raise up kings and those who...

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Posted Apr 21st 2008, 07:45 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

Father God. We are here before you. We thank you for all of the loving and all of the kindness given us. You are the Lord. You are surely and truly the lord. We have seen you coming in all of the Glory due you.
The delusion is full.
We are separated.
Lord God. We are grateful for all. Lord.
We ask forgiveness for our neighbor. For our family. For our synagogue,for our church, for our movement, for our temple. Forgive us...

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A Pilgrim's Heart Psalm

Posted Jan 31st 2008, 03:14 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

My Lord, my God. Sleep has evaded me . My heart is filled with thoughts of you. I love you so, so very much. In my mind I think about you. I think about you and your awesome and mighty ways. Your ways are truly Out of This world. We would not exist if your ways were not. It appears as if everything has been muddled up by us, but you tell me, not so. You tell me that everything...

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A David Psalm

Posted Jan 28th 2008, 06:43 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

I feel compelled right now to write Psalms 11 This is from the Mesage interpretation
" I've already run for dear life
straight to the arms of God.
So why would I run away now when you say,
"Run to the mountains; the evil bows are bent,
Aimed to shoot under cover of darkness
at every heart open to God.
The bottom's dropped out of the country;
good people don't...

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Posted Jan 28th 2008, 06:10 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

The more I get to know you Father, I can truly see that there is no ending in you. You are eternal and Everlasting. There is nobody anywhere that is Holy. You alone are Holy. You are our anchor. You are our sheild in open places.You are our peace in these times of chaos. We glorify you.You are truly our one true fortress in our time of need. We are truly hoping to impress upon you that we do...

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Posted Jan 20th 2008, 05:27 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

Song #3
You alone are worthy of all praise, Our Lord and Our Redeemer!
All we are to do is follow your Word as directed by you, Holy Spirit.
Your Living Word is Yeshua! Sacrificed on a tree, just a little while ago. For Me! I am so grateful for your love. I marvel at your kindness. Your Mercy. Your Judgments are right and true.You bore all sicknesses and every disease that has name and all...

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Andrea's Song of Psalms

Posted Jan 17th 2008, 04:47 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

God, you are beautiful. I just love the way you do things. I am so glad that I belong to you and you belong to me. I am never afraid . How can I be afraid when you told me to just love.You told be to become a symbol of love.Become an expression of your smile. God. If I can't believe you and do what you say do,well whose voice am I listening to? I...

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Psalms of Andrea

Posted Jan 16th 2008, 09:59 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

A lady by the name of Jenna wrote that it is now time for us to compose our own psalms to our Father. David wrote about the things that were in his own heart. He spoke them, he sang them and He danced them.
Since reading this e-mail from Jenna, I have been composing word in my head day and night expressing my heart to Our Father. David did not speak that much about Jesus/Yeshua because, He had not yet come...

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Encouragers????? #2

Posted Nov 6th 2007, 10:12 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

To all concerned citizens of the God's Kingdom:
The other day, a note or letter was written to you concerning the lack of Encouragers amongst us. Since then I have received a few responses. Most are in agreement. I am seeing a lack of understanding also. There are many of us who have no understanding at all what it means to encourage one another.That is okay. I am in the process of learning the...

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Posted Nov 4th 2007, 01:22 by The Words of Yeshua on Prophetic

To whom it may concern:
I am writing this short letter to all who are saying that they are followers of Jesus or Yeshua, as some may call Him.
I am deeply concerned because I can see little or no "encouragers" among us. We all can sense and some can see that the Day of His (Yeshua) return is closer than ever before. We were admonished by Paul in one of his...

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