Prophet's Journal - Faith's Energizing Mysteries

Posted Nov 27th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Paul says, “If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” (Col. 3:1-3). Paul earlier frames all this as a “mystery which hath been hid from ages and generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make...

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Prophet's Journal - Dew Drop Mysteries

Posted Nov 26th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

There is a secret and hidden part in us where truth is to dwell and wisdom is to be discovered. (Psa. 51:6). This is the place of stillness where deep cries out unto deep. This is the place of revelation knowledge which comes to us only as we wait and set our hope fully on the grace of seeing the Crucified One. (1Pt. 1:13). This is the place of utter simplicity where we stop all our efforts and are filled...

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Prophet's Journal - The Word Spoken

Posted Nov 24th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Jesus asked the disciples, “Will ye also go away?” Then Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.” (Jn. 6:67-68). Indeed, God has spoken to us in these last days by His Son, who is the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person. (Heb. 1:2-3). Jesus is the Word made flesh Who dwelt among us so we can behold His glory, full of grace and truth. (Jn....

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Prophet's Journal - It's Not Hard

Posted Nov 23rd, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

We are told in ICor. 10:31, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” On the surface this seems to be a very difficult task because our flesh does not want to give place to the Spirit who enables us to carry this out. But Jesus invites us, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and...

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Prophet's Journal - Resurrection's View!

Posted Nov 19th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

It was the 6th hour and there was darkness over all the earth until the 9th hour. Creation became silent. The Christ had died at the hands of those He created. This was God’s plan for redemption. This was the passing through darkness into everlasting light. This was the precursor for the Great Awakening. This halted man’s continuous wilderness wonderings with endless questions that had no answer. This was The Christ defeating death and opening up Resurrection’s View!
(Luke 23: 44-46)

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Prophet's Journal - Doors And Roars

Posted Nov 18th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

In response to Jesus’ question, “But whom say ye that I am?,” Peter said, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” This revealed truth of The Christ is the rock that Jesus is building His church on, of which the gates of hell shall not prevail against. (Mt. 16: 15-18). Everything is being set in position to usher in the soon and swift coming of the Christ to His prepared church. He is coming to waiting hearts...

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Prophet's Journal - Holy Flight!

Posted Nov 17th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Malachi talks about a time when the Sun of righteousness will arise with healing in His wings, This is a time when the proud and the wicked will be burned up, becoming ashes under our feet. This is a holy day of fearing the name of the Lord as He sends forth His Spirit to arise, penetrating deeply into the hearts of man and spreading righteousness across the whole earth. This is a time for extreme focus on the eastern...

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Prophet's Journal - Rushing Through The Leaves

Posted Nov 15th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

There is a rushing mighty wind that comes suddenly like a sound from heaven which quickly changes everything. Our “leaves” of selfishness may be piled up and on their way to decay, when faith is energized and the Spirit moves mightily across yesterday’s fleshly accumulations, quickly removing our weaknesses like the wind Rushing Through The Leaves. (Acts 2:2)
The Spirit
Took care of it
It was here yesterday
In full display
My arrogant way
Piled like autumn leaves
Covering true belief

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Prophet's Journal - Oh, So Good!

Posted Nov 14th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Psalm 8 tells us to “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” That good taste is the new covenant in the blood of Christ. We partake of His broken body and shed blood, proclaiming His death effective in us, as we walk in the light and are cleansed from all sin. We are forgiven of all unrighteousness as faith continues to taste Christ’s mercies, Oh, So Good!
(1Cor. 11:25-26; 1Jn. 1:7-9)
Oh, Your cleansing flood
Oh, Your cleansing blood

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Prophet's Journal - Pleasing The Lord

Posted Nov 13th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Paul says, “We beseech you, brethren, and exhort you by the Lord Jesus, that as ye have received of us how ye ought to walk and to please God, so ye would abound more and more.” (1 Thes. 4:1). He also prays, “That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.” (Col. 1:10). A worthy walk is a joyful walk of obedient faith which increases...

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Prophet's Journal - Looking To Him

Posted Nov 12th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

There is a place where all things are new, where old things are passed away, and every sin and every burden is laid aside. This is the secret place of being a whole new creature in Christ. This is living in a moment to moment spontaneous liberty, discovering who we are with everything Looking To Him. (2 Cor. 5:17; Heb. 12:1-2)
Lay aside
Every weight
Every sin
Looking to Him
Let it go
Let it be
What do you see?
Where is reality?
Drop the anxiety

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Prophet's Journal - Christ's Violent Dominion

Posted Nov 11th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

There is nothing soft about the love of Christ. Yes, He is gentle like no other, but His love took Him all the way to the cross and the most violent death imaginable. The kingdom of heaven reigns by the unstoppable force of love. This force works to transform individual lives, advancing a massive transition forward into the Kingdom of love through Christ’s Violent Dominion.
(Matthew 11:12).
All things new
Kingdom moving
By force
Forward march
Taking dominion
King of kings
Lord of lords
Wielding His...

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Prophet's Journal - Beautiful Lamb

Posted Nov 9th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Paul urges us, in full view of God’s mercies, to be a living sacrifice as an offering that is fully pleasing to the Lord. He describes this as true worship that will lead us into walking out God’s good, pleasing and perfect will. (Rm 12:1-2). The reason we can do this is because our prototype has gone on before us and freely shed His blood as the perfect offering for our sin. As we are saturated in this covenant grace,...

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Prophet's Journal - Eternal Sight

Posted Nov 8th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Paul prays for the Ephesian church, “That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened…” (Eph. 1:17-18). He goes on to pray, “That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man.” (Eph. 3:16). It is the workings of the Spirit...

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Prophet's Journal - The Lamb's Pen

Posted Nov 6th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

There is emerging just over the horizon a glorious city which is also the bride, the Lamb’s wife. This city/bride is descending out of heaven from God, having the glory of God. This city/bride does not need the sun or moon because the glory of God lightens it and the Lamb is its light. This is the holy city, the new Jerusalem that John saw coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband....

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