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With 16 million babies born each year, China has a huge market for baby clothing. For an international baby-clothing chain, it must offer clothing suitable for a wide temperature range, from above 30 degrees to below 30 degrees. Chinese parents prefer to buy loose fitting clothes, so their children can wear multiple layers. Also, traditionally, all Chinese babies wear open bottom pants. China churches are really at a loss in how to care for the little ones. The few translated children' curriculum and books are totally inadequate as resources. Let us pray for those who have the burden to reach the young ones for Christ. We, too, pray for believer parents who know that they must raise godly children for God.
There are so many convenient store chains in China now. Even convenience stores are competing to offer full menus of meals, appealing to the busy urban young people, who want convenience, clean and good service. Such a trend is also penetrating into the so-called second- and third-tier (smaller) cities. As the service industry changes, unfortunately China's churches are slow to adapt and are mostly closed to their community. We pray that churches can somehow find innovative ways to attract people in the communities, opening up to young people with programs, and becoming not just a building but a place where they can meet the spiritual and needs of the community.
The postal delivery system in China was once legendary, able to deliver mail to recipients who had moved to other places. A recent report shows that the postal service is now diversified and is not only a banking system but also derives almost half of its revenue from "express deliveries". For us to share Jesus with others we are just like the mailman and our job is to deliver the precious news of the gospel. Let us pray that more Chinese believers will feel not only willing but eager to deliver this package--the Good News of Jesus Christ--to their friends and families without fear.
Government acknowledges the alarming increase of domestic violence, this is not only a major contributing factor of rising divorce rate but also the incidence of violent crimes. Although the taboo of speaking out against domestic violence is breaking, many battered women are still ashamed to go to police. Let us pray specifically for those Christian women who suffer from both verbally and physically abusive spouses. We pray for God