Greetings, Everyone!

We've all been basking in the warmth of the Holy Spirit's presence following the Onething Tacoma conference this past weekend. There was such a wonderful flow of refreshing and healing that came through the sessions, and our prayer is that this will increase more and more over these next weeks and months. There were many testimonies of healing and being set free from all sorts of the enemy's activities. My favorite was the healing that came to one of our IHOP-Northwest women when Sidney Roberts, the 13-year old daughter of Dwayne and Jennifer had a word of knowledge about a woman lying on a green flowered couch, battling a migraine headache. Her husband phoned her from the conference as she lay on her green flowered couch at home, and she was healed! I love the creativity of the Holy Spirit!

I believe with all my heart that the Holy Spirit is initiating a break-through in the Northwest that will increase in power and depth as we approach the soon return of Jesus. My prayer is that God's people will connect the dots between a visitation of renewal and giving ourselves to night-and-day intercession and worship until the Kingdom of God is established here in the Northwest as it is in heaven.

To help us with this understanding, Corey Russell will be here April 30 - May 2, to impact us with the glory of being intercessors, and to impart to us more of the Holy Spirit's power through the Awakening that is going on. Please register for this event on our site at

Many of you have asked whether the Saturday morning message on Esther will be available on the IHOP-Northwest website. The answer is "Yes, it will be!" but we will have to wait about three weeks until I get a copy of the MP3 from Kansas City. As soon as I have it in hand, we will post the message on our site.

The point of the message is that the call of the Holy Spirit these days is to the Prayer Rooms of the Body of Christ. We are in a crisis in our nation, and it is escalating. Our solution will not be found in the political realm, but in the realm of the Kingdom of God being realized here. Come and join us in prayer, that His will may be accomplished by the power of His Spirit.

This Friday night I'll be continuing the series on the Song of Solomon. You're all invited, but come early to get a seat! We've been packed out, so I urge you to join us early for intercession, then for the teaching time, and then for ministry and the Watch of the Lord after the session.

Blessings on you all. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Gary Wiens