Good MONDAY Morning,

Wow... I can't believe it's the second week in December already!!  Whew... time just keeps whizzing by.  We've finally got COLD weather in our area of the Nation... burrr, yesterday was beautiful, but the mornings have been very cold.  The leaves are all off the trees and piled on the ground.  We use some as insulation for the bulbs we leave in the ground. It works!  The rest, we have to be creative with as we can no longer "burn" in our county without a special permit.  

It's obvious WINTER is fast approaching.  When I look out my window into my backyard... it has that barren, forgotten, lifeless look.  I know that we have WINTERS for a reason...they're needed, but it's not my favorite time of the year.  However, with all the foliage off the trees and brush withered to spindly limbs... I can see the "lay of the land".  I can see all the dips, holes, hills, where all the stones and rocks are on our property.

Hummm, do you suppose that is why we can relate this to the SEASONS of our life?  Winter gives us time to slow down and take a good look at the patterns of our lives with a "good view" of the landscape we've created.  This helps us to plan for the Spring and with the Winter View in mind we can make the necessary changes to be used more productively when Spring-time arrives... that time of encouraging re-growth and new growth.  In the Spring we cultivate the good, weed out the bad, and plant seedlings to generate new growth.  Then we nourish the growth period with good soil (a firm foundation), and lots of fertilizer (the WORD of GOD) and WATER (much PRAYER). 

Sometimes I just lean on my windowsill for long periods of time and look out at my backyard.  I see all the potential of my yard... with much work!  I see the beautiful and productive yard it could be.  Do we take time out to do that with our spiritual life as well...we need too! 

With 2006 soon to be a memory, this has caused me to think about the past and the FUTURE!  There's nothing we can do about the past.  We can only live in the present, but we can plan and implement our good intentions for the future.  I'm not speaking of "resolutions" for the NEW YEAR that we quickly break and then become discouraged... I'm talking about commitment, determination, and consistency of what we read in THE WORD of GOD.

Spring is like a NEW BEGINNING for us to take advantage of after the harshness of Winter.  Winter strips us bare... we can see the REAL US in Winter-time. 

Our church recently had a "30-days of PRAYER" and we each had certain days that we chose as our committed prayer days.  Pastor asked us to continue those days.  I know that consistent, determined prayer will as James 5:16 tells us "AVAILS MUCH." 

Committed Together in Jesus,


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