The Cry by Keith and Mary Hudson

Katy Perry, America’s “brightest pop icon” of 2009, is the daughter of Keith and Mary Hudson, authors of The Cry. Their daughter, Katy Hudson, was raised singing Christian songs and released a self-titled Christian album in 2001. Although she abandoned the genre (and her original surname) in favor of a pop career, she credits her parents for their sincerity and Christian commitment.

As pastors for more than 30 years, the Hudson’s believe that the church has lost its cry, and that God is about to restore it—as He did when 30 crying out people gathered on Azusa Street and generated a powerful revival move of God in their day.

The Cry will ignite a new fire within readers, rekindling exciting passion for God. Exposing the authentic cry within hungry hearts, God will move in ways never expected or imagined.

“Christians lose their passion when they let go of their zeal for God. We come into prayer meetings and we are so polished and perfected. But the Lord wants to hear the cry of your heart,” write the Hudsons.

Many of God’s people have desperation in their hearts to hear from Heaven. Many have had their hopes deferred. Many have lost confidence in spiritual leaders. Crying out to Him will turn desperation into joy, hopes will be realized, and confidence rebuilt.

The Cry:
Invites God’s intervention.
Goes beyond natural thinking into a spiritual hunger deep within. 
Touches the heart of God.
Releases angelic hosts.
Turns hearts toward God.

“Divine encounters are quickly maturing many in the body of Christ through fresh revelation resulting in the release of incredible displays of supernatural ability marked with signs and wonders by the Holy Spirit,” write the authors.

Keith Hudson ministers worldwide with a strong prophetic anointing. He and his wife, Mary, are the co-founders of Keith Hudson Ministries based in Southern California. Mary directs Arise! meetings for women under the wing of Keith Hudson Ministries.

Keith Hudson writes that, “The Cry in my life has always brought results. Pioneering five churches and now travelling and ministering nationally and internationally have brought even more depth to the cry.” These hands-on, spirit-crying experiences are shared in detail with the readers.

The Cry stirs hope and faith in hearts as readers discover that God hears them, and He will answer their cry.

The Cry
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ISBN: 978-0-7684-2825-4

To view Katy Perry’s interview with Katie Couric in which she speaks about her parents and her Christian upbringing, visit the following YouTube links: