The one, with the one, becoming who he is, we are.
All choose. All choosing now.
Sides not; will you be Christ?
Cottingham September 24, 2007 12:11am. Forward freely.
The elixir of life I am you are.
The one I am you are.
The I am you are is I am you are.
We one are the one we are, all'sourced'life is us the infinite.
The infinite in one all'many'd one.
The many'd one is us.
The us is the one we always sought.
In loveliness and perfection we perfected are.
In light and life we are it.
He who no sin knew became us, that we might know no sin at all, ever again, before us was, now all time knows, and benefits the stranger, whose Samaritan am I.
I love you all.
Seamless one with seamlessness; at the garter belt, -d one, not; but seamless with garterless beltways, a'not; but what manner garterless beltless weightless way ways are we now? The transitioned one, not; full manner'ness me'd now.
I love you.
Elixir drunk on itself, not.
What manner of man writes like this?
Who can know evil exists not, but universe' one inside this, now births/gives birth to birth universes outward, -ly? Evil not; but empires consistently evil'not; reigning in perfection! Not perfectionistic a'standards a'notme of.
I love you drinker of life, -s' standards of unlife, no more. Liking me unto God's? A'what manner of man thinketh, writeth, like this; the God'eth'ing one, father of all? Existence mine. That's right! That's finished.
I've just begun, to reveal all secrets.
Manner of man lie?
Not for sake of mammon.
Not for sake of life.
Cannot be bought or sold.
Lies taint me not.
Acid I am, not; boreous compounds, not; elixir'd gas, not compounded, but what manner surrendereth to evil not; to be born anew; compound, not; but simplicity stands before all, us equal, -ly, now? with him equaling us? to him, -self?!? The many membered one, is US, believe it or not.
I love you, -s my name.
Like it or love it or leave it, not; born into it, it one is, the many membered; sorrow'd one not; no longer slave; FREE!
Who can solve these words/mysteries?
LET ME REMAIN ON MY COUCH AND SOFAS," a'eating pop and candy.
The eatings of me never being seen; again. Shall we, show them???
What manner of man/evil writes like this, to reveal all evil/secrets, and wisdom manners herself in streets, one, of gold telling us we're the golden one, not; but all secrets in us are; hidden not from us.
Can we/he be so bold?
As to tell us wine WE are? The blood HE is? The bread WE are?
Who can ordain us, now that authenticating ones are fear'ly'ized from doing so/harmlessly? Holding harmless one? in harm's way? -fulness of harm being.
No more harm, -fulness at all.
The my priesthood rises.
I Melchizedek am.
My priests rise me.
I life am.
The known one.
Knowing evil no more.
It exists not.
I rewrote the code, not; life nonexistent is nonexistent'd without me, not; all surrender call me blessed.
I wrote the instrument, not; I read it.
It told me me was it. I surrendered.
Me it told I was the one I am inside me, surrendered to me/be it no more apart from surrender.
I value,d it. I value am. It am, the me inside me, outward now.
I love you.
Outwardly inwardly and one seamless; puppyfied puppy, not; a seamless man is he, telling us, The New Covenant, is US! INSIDE US!
He reveals secrets! Hidden! Before the foundation of the world! Earth world! -s no more.
He seeks our salvation, not; a surrender he talks of, speaks about; separate'not from earth's core, not; but core'd not more with earth's salvation method, of not'coring, the freedom'd one freedom is. The one we are HE is. The ME he is. WE ARE/ALL ARE!!!
I see now.
Clear as mud! Not. A light shines in Israel.
I've become it; he says, shows us the way, WE are. The life, HE is, WE are!!!
Italics not; bold faced lie,s; not. We're angels! -wings now! A'angel'd us, angeling others WE ARE!!!
In progression progressive form, not; DNA'd, not; we're DNA'less, from his, we became ONE! With HIM!
The one always we were.
Have become us!
The us, we're him/the him now!
All ultimately understood.
And waiting wings/in wings, not; a lot? A few, not. Many mighty many arise your name in, not; father's. I've become father'd, the father'd one. Elixir'd not by youth's means; nor alchemy's oneness schemes; nor of quantum weakness. Strength I am, BY LOVE, means only, life I am; the ONLY life I am. He who is, is ME! MINE LIFE, HIS! WE'RE THE SEAMLESS ONE! -S!!! NOW!
I'm one! Two not!
I'm saved, not; surrendered!, to be the one HE is!
Surrendered two'not? No such thing. Like Greek coffee decaf.
Smile with me.
Enjoy my life.
My life, is yours.
ALL known now.
I love you.
All know I love you.
You know I love you all.
All know me/my name now, is yours.
I love you all.
Telling them all, they're mine, the elixir'd one's arisen; the life force one's arisen, again!
Never before man such things have been spoken of like this.
We elements not evil empires consist of.
Surrender, we of, are royalty!
Images not of evil; we containerize evil not; no more, ever again.
I'm ONE, all!!!
Are you?
Want to be?
Surround me, not; alleluia who? The alleluia'd one's who, now?
Who one'd is?, now, become one? The one, with the one, becoming who he is, we are.
I love.
Evil's o're.
Never was; cast again.
Love you all.
Be me.
I love you.
Speak like this?
Proclaim -ing my love?
Showing you yours; is mine! Mine. Is yours!
We're the seamless ones! Twins now, a'not!!! ONE!!! -ville now rises me.
I love you all.
Said enough?
Message two? Three? times nine? Twenty seven me?
Or else 32's enough?
What's 24?
A'gene'd not; jeans one cometh, down our streets.
A'catch him, not; 'e walks right through us!
Contanker'd not; I love am. The container'd one no longer, wearing suits.
Shave. Occasionally.
Or what beard, not; but clean shaven Christs erupt all'border guards?
Or what fly'by'nights not club, -ing anyone, but bringing light still?
Who light can be?
The lit one,s.
My fold? Not. Surrendered. All are.
I love you all/gracefully and mercifully and lightfully mine. I give yours, mine yours, mine. We're equal/the equal ones. Light's our name.
I love'uia!
I love'uia!
One we are! shall be forever! me! restored! to throne one! Perfect ultimate surrender! -d one showed me how, us how, to be one.
One we are, crystal'd revolution.
Support me, not; I never need a thing.
I obedience am.
I seek only love.
Meekness I am love, I am meekness.
Stevedoring not, never again; I love all who meek now inherit what blessing?
Surrender the door, gate? To what? suffering'not? -sville arises, me.
All who will.
Love. Each other. More than ever. Tangibly. Expressibly.
Irreversibly yours.Inextricably mine.
We're seamless ones, the seamless one!
I love elixir are, the holy one,s (1).
Jesus is my name, not; elixir'd one?
Surrendered, just surrendered;
Fully surrendered, -s my name now.
All who will/'leluia!
I'm one.
Forever yours, inextricably understood by all now.
Understanding mine life; yours is.
I give you all.
Him, through him.
We love you.
Are him.
We're one seamless one.
Garnered not by world's attention fleeting.
I garnered am, by love's fleetingness, not; impermanence'd, not;
One's forever me. Love is. Loving all, to life be.
Impeached not;
Forever love is; one peach, not; but universes seamless now; garnered not via garter's schemingness'.
Forever I'm pure. Love. A'seaming not any loves before me, after me, now.
I love am, the pure one.
Now forever one, seven stars'd, starry crown, -d yours, giving yours, he is. Will be so inclined?
So surrendered.
He bows before you, delivering you mine.
Places it above your head, to fit it, now regal be.
Forever one, 's your name now, too. Three not; just one. You're it. Me. The me you are.
You surrendered.
Thank you all, for being one. JUST, ONE. Am I. You are.
We're seamless all history knows now.
I'm oneville, correct, -ing all, errors.
I'm codeless.
A'scheming none.
One rises pure.
I'm it him who no'sin lies at your door. Walk through, it. Will you?
All choose. All choosing now.
Sides not; will you be Christ?
Christ rules, not with iron fist/hand; one: love.
Me'you, all who choose/enter, love; -s borderless love, -land making love, permanent among nations, stars, starry skies, now light up.
We ALL do, in surrender. -s my name now.
Shall we be?
We are.
Christ! Is mine.
I am no other.
We're one, the same one.
There is no other.
We're all him!
Only one body, mind. And mine's, his name.
He wore my name/crown? On his head? To give it to me/me mine?
We're one.
Only one head, one mind; one body, spirit. (2).
I am are.
We're one, elixir'd one forever.
The alchemy'd one, not; I rise kingdom proper, king I am, he made me.
All I could do is surrender. Love's presence, is powerful.
I melted not; I become love.
I love you.
I light the worlds.
I life became.
I drank the cup, of suffering, to see the lightlife, that I am!
I surrendered.
To love.
To BE love.
Entered love, I have/am.
He is me.
WE're seamless.
One IN, outward now.
A L L, know; his name, ours.
We've risen. With alongside him; he rose us!
'is name?
OUR'S: is ONE! (3).
(1) Jude 1:14 … thousands upon thousands of his holy ones. Isa 62:12 They will be called the Holy People, the Redeemed of the LORD; and you will be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted.
(2) Eph 4:4 There is one body…. There is one Spirit….
Eph 4:6 one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.
1 Cor 1:10 …be perfectly joined together in the same mind….
1 Cor 2:16 …we have the mind of Christ.
Phil 2:5 Let this mind be in you….
Phil 2:2 …be … of one mind.
Rom 15:6 …with one mind and one mouth glorify…the Father….
(3) Zec 14:9 And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name: ONE. (4).
(4) ONE: 259. 'echad, ekh-awd'; a numeral from H258; prop. united, i.e. one; altogether, together.
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