Declared: I love you forever. Be ONE with me, one WITH me, me being the one WE ARE!
Scorned no more's your name real, YOU reader hearer; if you choose; choose to, will you please?
Cottingham September 28, 2007 5:06pm. c. Forward freely.
Who can imagine what I'm doing? Up to what? they say/ask.
Not knowing'having a clue, to what is up to/my sleeve, now, not; but now a'coming at light speed, not; cataclysmic speed; less not; but what manner of all'thing know now?
The last is me, first, is me. I'm no middle'd, not; there was none.
Angel'earth? -d one?
Zeeko'd one? or one, see? who trusts me with his words? -eth'ing ones? Now? A'zeeko'd not but what one a'zeeko is. I love him me. I will. Watch me.
Love you not? Not. A thousand times not. Or alleluias now; a'loving all; a'homeward bound one.
All; who surrender, all. To all surrender, become, all surrender, -d one. I am. In love. With love.
See what I've said.
I love you all.
And this much see so much more'so'd now. A'loving me, all are?/are.
I love you all.
SEE this much. Will you see it? Are you willing to see, it? Me'ville here'ville?
Be not afraid of these words, life you they will, if don't look out. Looking out? looking in? What looking are you what of seeing what in out now? from whoseville mine, or thine, being? Not looked out, but locked out, of what seeing? The partial now? only? And what now see born again are, the visioneers, not; but raiseth thine eyesight scores, not; but scores -ing on what papers help thy vision now? casting not upon waters still, BECOMING THE STILL WATERS.
See what I've said.
I thank you/give you a GOOD weekend; weakened not by scores a'not me, of writing scoreless volumes a'tomb'ing me, but a-tombing me, a-typical not; coming into being not? But what now a culture's society is'embracing a notme, not; but what scoreless is no more; a'deciding a'to enroll? My scoreless one,s no more; my alleulia'man alleluia's me. My alleliscious liscious'd now. I love you two. One now shall be, both of you.
I love you all and give you me I do now; nobody's business but yours, not; MINE; ALL MINE, FATHER'S IS, being the me'now, me'now, ME NOW! Impervious to beauty, not; showing all THEY are, the beautiful/beautified ones!
I radiant splendor am. Like that name. I am one. Beautified purple, not; but wearing it/what robes? Robe'eth'ing one am, now robe'ing others in whose robes? Mine; apparel perfectly, -ized.
I love you.
Love you all.
Good day.
Good riddance to evil/web 2.0, not; but what embraces me now; guidance'ing me, not; but what guidance systems come over wave'nots to particle'not the me me's now?
I love you embrace you delight you in me I do now.
A'watch me royal will, you, the believer not in 2.0's standards, or others' believer's a'standards'ing me; but what pulleth the sheet back now? And what veil???
There was none.
I love you.
Veil repealer, dispeller, revealer; all he'his'I am is he I am he'is and one, I am's his name; what's yours? Dispeller of justice? Dispensing what? Mercy pellets, not; but what love bullets do; watch me! A'loving you all.
Good day.
Thank you for coming a'mocha'ing me again, my fireplace in front of; leather couches we shall, now share now? a many coming here, now. To see me, feed me not biddles gravey; but what wear'd were; but notme items me, not; but what can see through the real heart now. A'loving you all, mind one. Mine.
I'm one, done, and alleulia's MY name being; what's yours?
Zeeko, not; but what alabaster falls, has fallen off of me?
I pure essence am, of love am; my love befalls me, not; constructively I construct angel lessons now.
I am h-o-m-e.
See what I've said, given you; geeks not; a'zeeks plenty?
A'loving you all.
My see what I've said; you don't? don't worry about it, see that my see'er does, and discount not the visionage that now be'visions all, not; but who wants him/it? Me?
I do.
My sight widens me a spectrum full'd.
Be one with me?
Be one ME!
Declared; I love you forever. Be ONE with me, one WITH me, me being the one WE ARE!
Loving you all.
This much.
Good day/afternoon, and evening brings on what? a'love pure, -ing me, forever, into lasting -ship, a only me, of.
I bow, before all.
I introduce thee to thy'your new mate, not; I introduce thee, TO ME!
Come bow my head, not; let me lift yours; your hands hang down; to the floor, not; but glorious glory, where are your loggins, not; but noggins have been, be no more. Let me noggin noddin into me'sville, giving you clearvision real!
I love you this much.
Do you love me?
Tell me.
Thank you.
I beg you.
Amen me?
A'woman me?
A child me?
I one am, the perfect now; not a'standarding a'mans by man's a'standards, but my usage allow? Write my papers now!
I love you all.
Good evening.
Into all'papers me now.
I rise my paper route, 'ers, not; but my paper flyers, not; wax wing melters, not; but what one'th the troops now?
The real stand up.
Action now!!!
I love you all enrolling, being there, with me in my quarters/chambers a'one with me in loveville real, loving all our brethren into mightyship the worlds marvel at. Scorned no more's your name real, YOU reader hearer; if you choose; choose to, will you please?
I love you all.
Look'watch the door, not; but what now, manner of me come forth, from all four corners, not; beyond past futured and all are now there, coming; alleluia'ing all, I am.
Love you real! Truth! BE! -ing now; all who will.
A'zeeko me not; ever again, be confused. About who I am.
I am you are.
We're the one.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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