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January 31, 2008  

Election Roundup: Obama's Stance on Marijuana, McCain Feels the Heat

Dr. James Dobson has expressed his opinions on McCain.

Editor's note: Throughout this election year, we will run Election Roundups, highlighting the political news of the day relevant to families.

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., is the only presidential candidate among the four leading hopefuls to support the decriminalization of marijuana laws.

Four years ago, according to The Washington Times, Obama told students at Northwestern University that while he doesn’t believe in the legalization of marijuana, he supports eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana use or possession. But during a nationally televised presidential debate last fall, Obama raised his hand in opposition to decriminalizing marijuana.

When questioned about the inconsistency of his answers, Obama’s campaign said he has always supported decriminalizing marijuana.

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California Assembly OKs Bill that Would Restrict Nonprofits
Legislation is an 'incremental step toward forced diversity quotas.'

Colorado Bill Targeting Religious Groups Draws Fire from Vatican
Dangerous legislation could force charities that run soup kitchens and homeless shelters to hire homosexuals.

Teachers in U.K. Told to Avoid Saying 'Mom' and 'Dad'

Board Game Makes a Mockery
of Prison Rape






Plugged In Movie Review:
Over Her Dead Body

A deceased bride, a depressed groom and a caterer who doubles as a psychic. Yes, it's an unlikely love triangle, and it's even more unlikely you'll like this film.

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