Greetings, Everyone!

As Marie and I have been praying and thinking about this coming week, with Bill Johnson and John Arnott joining Mike Bickle and the team from Kansas City, we believe the Lord has planned a significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit. There is a three-strand cord in the Spirit realm that is powerful and is what we need in our personal lives, in the Body of Christ, and in our nation.

We want this reality in the Northwest!

So, in the Prayer Room at the International House of Prayer Northwest, we will be participating in the Kansas City meetings via the webcast on Monday and Tuesday evenings. We will have teams prepared to pray for healing, for deliverance, for the filling of the Holy Spirit, and for any impartation that the Lord wants to release to us. We will also hear testimonies of what the Lord is doing as He releases His Kingdom here.

We urge you to join us! These are the things we've been praying for over these past months and years. The Holy Spirit is releasing the things that He's promised, and it is our hearts' desire to be ready and receptive.

The meetings will begin at 6 PM at the Prayer Room, 32008 32nd Ave South, in Federal Way. We urge you to let the Holy Spirit interrupt your schedule and come participate, receive, and share in what God is doing.


Gary Wiens