I'm A Spiritual Woman

Worldly women wonder
Where my secret lies.
I'm not flashy, conceited, or caught up in my size. But when I tell them it's the Jesus in me, They think I'm telling a lie.

I say it's the strength of God's arms, The feel of His love, He orders my every step. Honey, I'm covered in the blood.

I'm a Woman, Spiritually
A Sanctified Woman, that's me.

I walk into church
Just as cool as I please.
I may grab a fan and raise my hand, Or worship falling down on my knees. The Spirit overtakes me To make my soul fly free.

I say, it's the fire in my bones. Unspeakable joy that's so sweet It's the wind in my dance On my Holy Ghost feet.

I'm a Woman, Spiritually
A Holy Ghost-filled Woman, that's me.

Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
Oh they try so much,
But they can't touch my inner chastity. Lustful eyes still can't see.

I say no, I'm not looking back, I'm not fooled by your smile. I'm waiting on God; Worldly men cramp my style.

I'm a Woman, Spiritually
A Living Sacrificial Woman, that's me.

Now you understand just
Why my head's not bowed.
Why I shout and jump about,
Or praise and sing out loud.
When you see my light shining,
It ought to make you proud!

I say, it's the faith I have in Jesus Through all my ups and downs Each experience a testimony Leading straight to the crown.

Cause I'm a Woman, Spiritually
A Sold-Out for Jesus Woman,

Yeah, that's me!