Greetings, Everyone!

We have had a truly enjoyable time here in Freiburg as the folks from Open Skies Ministries have opened their hearts and minds to what the Lord is saying through us to the believers. Our time has been spent establishing the foundations of the Bridal Paradigm - teaching through the Song of Solomon as the prophetic picture of the Bride's journey to intimacy and authority. Yesterday was a kind of ground-breaking day for us as well, as Marie jumped into the Song teachings in partnership with me for really the first time. Up to this point she has been sharing stories from her life as illustrations of things, but yesterday she really took hold of the material and began to teach it in earnest. Then today, the Lord rewarded us with some fresh insight into the connections between the Bridal Paradigm and righteousness, so we were very pleased!

Through the course of this weekend we came to be acquainted with a couple here, Ben and Evy. They had both been associated with YWAM and the Mercy Ship Anastasis for some time as single adults, and then married last September. Recently, Evy experienced a brain hemmorhage, and after a serious battle for her life, is now in the process of recovery. She has some paralysis on her left side, and wears a protective helmet because the doctors needed to do an emergency surgery on her brain to relieve the pressure of the bleeding. She is in for a long road of recovery, so please pray for her in that.

Today they discovered that Ben's former wife, who is an alcoholic and lives with their three children in Holland, had a psychotic episode, broke from reality, and began chasing the children with a knife, actually beating the oldest child on the head. She was restrained and taken to a mental hospital, and Ben was forced to go today to collect his children. As we prayed for them in the meeting this morning, we realized this was something Marie had seen in a dream on Tuesday morning, so the Lord had let us know this was coming. We prayed over them and received an offering to help them, collecting nearly $5,000 for their assistance. It was a wonderful experience of praying for them and helping them in their difficult journey.

One fascinating note: the two of them, still in their single years, were in Kansas City in the spring of 2004, and actually spent some time praying over Mary before she died in June of that year. They remembered that event, and our hearts were touched at the intricacies of the Lord's plans - that we would now in turn be praying for her recovery! Amazing!

Tonight we will complete the conference by doing an overview of the Beatitudes, and then we will speak in two church services tomorrow before we begin our trip back to KC on Monday. Please be in prayer for our homeward journey, that the Holy Spirit would go before us and smooth the way. Also, please be in prayer that our time at home would be restful and peaceful, and that our spirits and bodies would be refreshed.

We are so grateful for your love and prayers. The Lord is spreading the Word that He has given us with good effect, and we are glad for your partnership in this. Your inheritance in Germany is growing!

Grace and peace be upon you!

Gary and Marie