What must I do to be saved? Lately this question continually comes to me in prayer. The Lord is really having me think this over. The rich man asked Jesus this question.

Are you willing to sell everything you own to follow Jesus? What does this mean to you? Are you willing to give up what you hold dear or important in your life? He asks us to do this. Are we willing? Are we willing to give up what we continually try to hang onto? God will not fully use us until we finally let go of everything that is not of Him.

Like Oswald Chambers, like Watchman Nee and others, until we finally let the last thing go, God will not and cannot use us as an empty vessel to it's full capacity. Our fleshly wants and desires continue to keep us mediocre. Yes, God is still using us- but how much more can He use us, how much Holy Spirit power can freely flow through us when we lay it all down- all fleshly desires, all worldly desires. All we need is what the Lord is willing to provide.

Are we willing to trust Him? Are we willing to sell everything? (our leisure activities, our worldly wants and desires, our reputations, our vain imaginations, our expectations). He is calling and asking, "Who will lay down their "stuff" so they can pick up their cross and follow Me?" We can't hold "stuff" and the cross too. He is asking me. He is asking you.

In His service, Chanin