Its been awhile since we have posted on this ministry. Life has us running in so many directions, some led by God and some just too involved in running our life on earth. But, HIS hand is still on us all and we are BLESSED!!

It seems as though with the election, the stock market, the housing disaster, we are spinning our wheels just trying to stay afloat economically in this country. We are blessed just for the food on our tables in such times as these.

Some do not have food on their tables.

The food banks and pantries in the Tidewater Area are hurting, the shelves are empty and there are so many more needing so much more.
I have had some opportunity to work at the Potters House at the beach and have seen so many who are in great need. There hasnt been enough. People are being turned away with very little.

PLEASE, consider the gift of food as we move into a time of year where so much focus is on stretching our budgets for the holidays ahead. PLEASE consider offerings of food to the food pantries in your church and community. There are many of them. Its not hard to find one.

If you need help finding a pantry to contribute to, consider the Potters House at Virginia Beach United Methodist Church. You can just drop off food at the main door. They will be sure to get it to the people.

Also, if you know of someone who is in need, encourage them with your prayers and help them to find the resources that still are available with food and support. The doors will not close as Gods people will respond to the needs.

I have learned in so many ways of Gods grace and mercy. I want to share this with others. People have shown me love through Christ. I want to show love with others.

I thank God for each and every one of you on this network. Please share with us the ways God is working through your church and ministry so that we may share in the joy and victory.

In Christ,
Jean TMN