(From Cindy:  This was left out of Apostle Ricci Hausley's earlier post)


The Ten M’s of Ministry


  1. Manhood

Gen 1:26,27     God makes a man before manifesting a mighty ministry

Rom 8:29         Man – apart from position, message or ministry

Heb 2:6, 10      Per-son-al-ity evaluating the person not performance

I Tim 2:5          Jesus – manhood 30 years; ministry 3 ½ years, 10 to 1 ratio


  1. Ministry

II Cor. 6:3         No offense to ministry; I Cor. 2:4, 5 power and demonstration

Matt 7:15 – 21  By their fruits you shall know them – anointing, results

Deut. 18:20-22  Prophecies or preaching productive: proven, pure, positive.


  1. Message

Eph. 4:15           Speak the truth in love, present truth, and life giving

I Tim 4:2           Message balanced, scriptural, doctrinally sound & spiritually right

Mk. 16:20         God confirms His Word – not the person, pride or reputation


  1. Maturity

Jas 3:17             Attitude right; mature in human relations; heavenly wisdom

Gal. 5:22           Fruit of Spirit, Christ like character, dependable, steadfast

I Cor. 13            Not childish, Eph 4:14, Heb 5:14, Biblically knowledgeable and 


I Tim. 3:6          Not a novice


  1. Marriage

I Tim. 3:2,5       Scripturally in order.  Personal family vs. Godly family

I Peter 3:1,7      Priorities straight – Go first, wife, and family, the ministry

Eph. 5:22 – 23  Marriage to exemplify relationship of Christ and His Church


  1. Methods

Tit. 1:16            Rigidly righteous, ethical, honest, integrity – upright

Rom 1:18          Not manipulating or deceptive

Rom 3:7 – 8      Good end results does not justify unscriptural methods

  1. Manners

Tit 1:7, 3:1 – 2  Unselfish, polite, kind, gentlemen or lady, discreet.

Eph. 4:29, 5:4   Proper speech and communication in words and mannerisms


  1. Money

I Tim 3:6           (Amp) “Craving wealth and resorting to ignoble and dishonest

                           method’s of getting it.

I Tim. 6:5,10,17 Luke 12:15 – Love of money and materialism destroys.

                           (i.e. Achan, Balaam, Judas)


  1. Morality

Col. 3:5,

I Cor 6:9, 10, 18 Virtuous, pure and proper relations

Eph. 5:3,

I Cor 5:11           Biblical sexual purity in attitude & action

Matt 5:28            Wrong thoughts of desire to do without opportunity to act


  1. Motives

Matt 6:1              To serve or to be seen?  Fulfill personal drive or God’s desire? I Cor 16:15,16

                            True motivation?  To minister or be heard minister?  To hearld the truth or just to

                            Be heard by man.

I Cor 13:1 – 3      Motivated by God’s love or lust for power, fame, name, etc…