Some of you may be experiencing some trouble getting into our Radio site at www.itgmradio.com  and that's because we have been working on it and moving it to a new host.

For Those that have been having problems getting in, you can Temporarily go to www.inthegarden.us and click on the link in the left margin that says ITGM Radio SPECIAL and be directed to a Temporary page on the In The Garden web-site until the new site has propagated around The WORLD which should be by Noon tomorrow.

We apologize to you for the inconvenience, and we invite you to write to us here at In The Garden if you are still having problems connecting.

Osella and I have loaded up over 1200 of the best in Southern, Country and Bluegrass Gosple Music this side of heaven and I spent most of last week re-tooling all of the songs selections to be in 32K format which is AM quality sound and Most everyone around the WORLD can tune in even on the slower Dial-up connections. If you are one of those who have a slower dial-up connection... let us know so that we can help you to be able to connect as well.

Friends, I've got to tell you that as We worked we listened to the music and we were just so blessed. You've got to give the NEW ITGM Radio a try - especially if you like Southern Gospel music.

Everything should be up and running tomorrow - Including the NEW site... but I wanted to tell you that if you are not able to find itgmradio.com right now... got to www.inthegarden.us and click on the link in the leftg margin that says... ITGM Radio SPECIAL

For those of you who are the early givers of the month by our ONLINE source... you can go to www.inthegarden.us/donations.htm and make your donation there until everything is settled on the station pages.

We hope you are going to like the NEW ITGM Radio NETWORK as we are adding some New Programming and Brand New Streams of Music to the Mix there. We will be releasing our Southern Gospel Prasie Station as well as our Classic Christian Station as of Tuesday February 2, 2010 and we will have some more very New and Exciting events coming up in the very near future on the NEW  ITGM Radio Network.

Thank you to all of you who are making this happen. We are blanketing the WORLD for Jesus with REAL CHRISTIAN RADIO! We want to get the message that Jesus Saves! Jesus Heals and Jesus is COMING AGAIN! TO ALL THE WORLD!  NO RETREAT FRIENDS... ONWARD AND UPWARDS  in JESUS' NAME!!!

God bless you.
Any questions you can write me at itgmradio@yahoo.com

Pastor Wayne
ITGM Radio Network
In The Garden Ministries