Greetings in the Matchless Name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus!!

Here is today's "Just A Thought"

Often times I am "challenged" to look in the mirror. No silly not the mirror on my wall , but the mirror of my "Soul"
In life we have a tendency to think that "No ones knows me better than "myself".
I tell you the truth, I had to learn to "beg to differ"  because if I did not take the time to "Reflect" on some of the things that people noticed about me, I wouldn't be able to cut myself about my some what "self righteous" ways (I know , most of you are not like that because you don't wrong anybody or do anything wrong) Well take a moment to come off of your "Sanctified High Horse" and just be "Real" It's okay, God is not mad about the "Truth" besides , he is Omnipresent (Mean that he is "always present, everywhere) so he knows when no onelse knows….

See it's when we "think" that we know ourselves that sometimes we tend to get trapped between how we "feel" or how we "think we should feel" according to"The Who,When, What's, Where's and How" of the  situations that fits our circumstances.

In this message I am going to talk about 2 kinds of "LOVE"

"SelfISH" love and "SelfLESS" Love

Let's take a look as "Selfish" (Love) and what it means

1. looking after own desires: concerned with your own interests, needs, and wishes while ignoring those of others

demonstrating selfishness: showing that personal needs and wishes are thought to be more important than those of other people

If I were to use an example of "Selfish Love" it's when we don't have to make a real or true "Sacrifice" for someone or something outside of our "Immediate Gratification"

Ex: It's easy for someone to "Give" or "Sacrifice" for a Spouse, a Child, or a Family Member (in general)
But what about doing that exact same thing for someone that you don't know or maybe even someone that you do know but you just don't because it's not what you want to do or how you want to do it because of certain things that you may be going through?  I often ask  myself "Do we as Christians use God to 'justify' our own selfish likes or dislikes, do we use the word to make us feel comfortable in our own little acts of sin? I mean truth be told we quote certain scripter's based on the fact that we hear them preached in certain sermons and we piggy back off of them but how often do we read the entire chapter of that vs. or the scripture before or after it?  I bet if we did that we would start getting some different "revelations" and we will be a little bit more "careful" how we "quote the word"…

Now let's take a look at  "Selfless" Love

thinking of others first: putting other people's needs, interests, or wishes before your own

Now knowing most of us we are going to say that "I ALWAYS put other people's needs before my own, because I am not like that" , but if the truth be told are you really a Selfless, Giving person?  Do we only give when it's "Convenient" to give or only on during "Special Occasions" i.e... Birthdays, Christmas, Births, etc….

What about you don't have have but a dollar in your pocket and there is a real "Need" for something, do you step out on "Faith" and say "God this is my last but I am not doing this for any glory, and I don't except anything in return" How often do we give out of the ABUNDANCE of our "hearts"?

I was challenged to "Think like God" recently and one of the things that came to mind was the fact that God sent his ONLY son to die for our sins. I thought about my mom doing that to me, and I thought about folk that I know or have known in my life and I thought " I sure wouldn't want to pay the price for what so and so did…"

I remember a couple of years ago we where all caught up in the hype of "WWJD" What would Jesus Do?

Well how many of us actually think about that or think like that today?

How often are we willing to lay down the line, make a sacrifice or commitment to something that isn't as of "Importance" to us than others?

I challenge you today to step outside of your "Comfort Zones" and begin to start doing things that you wouldn't necessarily do for others or self that you haven't done, just to see how Good and Awesome it feels….

Remember, you can "Pretend to be who you really aren't but you can't pretend to be who you really are"
Stop and look at  "The Man/Woman in the Mirror of your SOUL"

Remember: These are "Just a Thought" and something to reflect and ponder on…

I Love you all!!  Have a Blessed and Spirit Filled Weekend!!

Latonja Battle
DIVA_Thoughts Admin

"The seeds we SOW TODAY determine the kind of fruit we'll REAP TOMORROW"

"Ability is what you are capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.

Attitude determines how well you can do it."