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Godly submission to spiritual fathers and mothers takes time to learn and impart. When submission is right through the generations that it's working through, the days of pioneering dry, dusty trails are over. We simply stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and learn to be launched and carried in the anointing and grace of God. What comes out of the ministry of sons and daughters through submission becomes a full display of what spiritual fathers and mothers are producing in "the Secret Place" of their own ministries. Foundations in Christ are the ministries of spiritual fathers and mothers and these Foundations remain hidden until spiritual children "shout it loud" from the roof tops. Ps 51:6 Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts, And in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom.

True ministry will never bear witness of itself.  Fathers will witness of the sons ministries and sons will witness of the fathers ministries.   Christ witnessed of His Father in Heaven. The same relationship and ministry that Christ modeled is reproduced through us as spiritual sons and daughters in submission to spiritual fathers and mothers.

I am the Founder of
Global Network of Disciples, which is a horizontal, peer level networking ministry.  We have a faithful apostolic team who has matured together in loving relationships. Much of what we're called to do is to demonstrate true, Godly submission through discipleship and sonship within an order of Five Fold Ministry. We walk together as Kings and Priests and have learned how to press the "up" buttons in the Elevator - who is Christ. (John 1:51)  “We risk all to take all” and Humility is the decending car that carries us upwards. Godly submission to the Apostle who fathers this ministry is the Key to the car.  The Apostle and Overseer of this ministry is Apostle Ricci J. Hausley, Sr.   

Many of today's ministers have had to wing it and ministry can be an arduous, oftentimes lonely and difficult journey to say the least.  Apostolic ministry must literally be birthed out of the soil it is to be planted in and there are few supporters of those who will walk along side of and co-labor with those in ministry.  We are a ministry called out to demonstrate ministry through the order of sonship and to be a help to those who are planting, nurturing and pioneering their own ministries.  

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In His love,

Cindy Allen