When we examine the ministry of Missionaries, one of the first things that we take note of is that Missionaries are “sent” to a people within a specific area or region to reach those who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In distant lands and Third World Countries, people often live in great oppression and lack as a result of living in conditions that are isolated from normal community life with other cities and villages.  Cities connect villages and tribes to modern life in today’s world, much like Missionaries connect families and communities with greater Kingdom Life.   


It has been made clear to us through Christ that the Gospel is God’s laws and commandments demonstrated through a living, breathing relationship that spells out covenant love to people.  At times, God’s love is ever reaching towards us and He receives us under His wings.  At other times, it seems that God is completely unyielding to us and we must press into the mark that brings our life into relationship with Him where true covenant is known and understood. 


For this reason, Missionaries do not “send a word” of the Lord to people apart from intimately knowing the lifestyle and culture of those they’re called to serve.  This is part of the foundation of relationship.  Missionaries live amongst a people to know the daily struggles as well as the victories and joys of those they are relating with.   For this purpose, Missionaries are sent with a mission to live among a people who represent a specific sphere or region of ministry.  In doing so, they live their lives daily to walk alongside of people to discern the conditions and the elements of the people they’re called to serve.   Where God is redeeming the times in people’s lives, ministry and creative miracles are needed to accomplish this.  When God redeems the times in people’s lives, He is scooping people up out of what they know and understand through their own culture to plant their lives in the Kingdom.  Once we enter into the Kingdom, our eyes are opened to the things of the spirit and we cease to relate with the events of our life apart from the knowledge of God and His Kingdom.


We are sent as Missionaries even within our own native land.  When we understand how the Holy Spirit moves to draw us into a work, we soon find ourselves in the midst of a Mission


The fullest expression of Christ is known through the Five Fold ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.  These ministries operate within a sphere of local, corporate worship and covenant relationship known as the Church.  Ministry that flows out of this sphere of relationship flows out of an abundance of what is already redeemed.   This is the true seed and a true representation and demonstration of how Five Fold Ministry functions within our local church body.


Ministry begins to flow out of what is first established through one on one relationship, such as Father and Son (as Jesus modeled), and disciples who disciple others.  The Holy Spirit works through this simple measure to impart His spirit of Koinonea fellowship and relationship.  The next measure of ministry will always be multiplied from the previous work through the Priesthood.  The Priesthood brings us into an order of ministry that empowers us to see and experience how the works of ministry operate in different ministry spheres. 


The Priesthood is where Disciples begin identifying with their own Sonship in Christ.  Once we become established as sons and daughters of God, we begin identifying with others through their potential, or through their Sonship.  Rather than relationship through what is familiar, we’re called to relate with standards of Christ through their potential.  In this way we speak into and relate to the potential of a father, mother, husband, wife, sister, brother, son daughter, etc.


The power of our Sonship is represented through ministry that is the SUM of a much greater work of Christ than what we knew as Disciples.  It’s better to be caught than taught.  Five minutes of SEEING is far better than five weeks of teaching.  Operating through “Measures of the Priesthood” gives us a better handle to access the greater works and ministry of Christ through.  In Christ, we see and know by the measure of authority that we are extending our faith to receive.  The quickening spirit of Christ comes to impart the authority and knowledge of the Lord that could never be taught by man.  The KNOWING of the Lord that rises in us raises our lives into a vertical relationship with God where there is no separation.  The KNOWING that we have in Christ also raises us into the greater works of Christ.  We only need to know the order that we are to draw ourselves into.


If you’re a mathematician who understands multiplication, then you might identify with this as SUMship.  Disciples learn faith through simple addition and subtraction.  We’re either in or out; we are or we aren’t.  A Priesthood is the SUMship of greater works in Christ and this is multiplied from the measure of our SONship.  Sons operate in multiplication – never division. 

“Outside of the House”, or what is outside of covenant relationship, Five Fold ministry operates for redemptive purposes.  “Beyond the House”, ministry operates to pioneer new horizons of ministry that will extend the Kingdom of God into our communities and cities.   “In the House”, ministry will operate to build and strengthen us in the corporate, pure seed of ministry.  Regardless of the sphere, Ministry will always function to gather people into a form of corporate anointing through the Priesthood where the spirit is imparted and relationship is revealed.  Greater ministry and greater works will always follow RELATIONSHIP.  


Gen 1:21-22 And God blessed them, saying, "Be fruitful and multiply, 


Matt 28:19-20 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.