Good SATURDAY morning,


I woke up refreshed this morning to a "MUSICAL" performed by our own “songbirds” in our back yard.  It was quite a choir this morning after the “soaker” rain last night.  I drove home from church last night in a blinding rain for about half the way home.  We really needed this rain!  I’ve opened all the windows and have the ceiling fans going.  I know I’ve said this many times... but I LOVE SPRING TIME!!!!!!  I had my early morning (I love the first light of the morning) quiet time and have sat on the back patio with my COFFEE and let the dogs run until “they” were ready to come back inside! I've inspected all the new growth on the trees and plants. :)  It was wonderful just to relax this way without feeling like I had to “rush” to do a particular task.


I know I don’t usually write on the weekends, but I missed yesterday.  We were up late Thursday night (12:45am) getting hubby ready to leave for Illinois. His mother is in the hospital and we found out later that she had two heart attacks, one while arriving at the hospital and then the next day she went into cardiac arrest while she was in surgery, they inserted two more stents.  She lost a lot of blood and they were still giving her blood when my husband arrived at the hospital Friday afternoon.  She is much better and has reconciled herself to the fact she can no longer live alone.  She loves her home and my heart goes out to her.  She won't live with any of her children.

So now, my husband has the daunting task of taking his mother around to different assisted living homes and then trying to get her situated in one of them!  He is not excited about this phase of life... and I really feel for him.  It kind of puts life in perspective... you know... life really does have a “final” phase... a last act so to speak.  He is hoping to make this transition as easy and pleasant as possible for his mother.  Please pray for him.


I am trying to get a few things done around home that was hard to do with the distractions of hubby wanting me to do something different.  So, I am trying to use my time wisely as well.  I miss him dearly already!  And the puppies have looked all over for him.  They even checked to see if I’d left him in the car! J


Have a blessed day with God and don’t forget to move your clocks up one hour tonight, otherwise, you‘ll be late for church Sunday! L