Hello Everyone,

I am having fun with my new Hello World web page as I am learning how everything there works. It can do a LOT!! Video Messaging, Blogs (text and video), Video broadcasting (even live broadcasting!. You can do video conferencing and video instant messaging all from one site! You can check it out at http://www.helloworld.com/drjoe12. Check out my blogs.

If you want more information click on the "Hello World Take the Tour" button at the top of the page. Through this you can help support Peggy and I by joining the Hello World network and continuing to do what you are already doing on several sites (my space, you tube, yahoo,etc.). If you are interested in raising some personal support for yourself or organization/church check out our site at http://www.vmdirect.com/drjoe12.

Churches are using this to post their sunday services and more.

Check out these sites:



but please if you want to join Hello World go to my site at http://www.helloworld.com/drjoe12 or if you are looking for an additional income goto http://www.vmdirect.com/drjoe12. Do this so that I will get credit for your joining.

Don't just take my word for it, here is a message from Deborah Chaddock Brown, Professional Writer, Not Ready for Prime Time Videocasting - yet AllWrite Ink

-- Well, just when we start to get comfortable with the written word we hear that - gosh the words are great, but adding your voice makes it all that more personal.

So you can upload an MP3 message on your site or even add a widgit that puts a voice to your blog posting.

And now it's time to go one step further.

Hello World, a product available from VM Direct offers all of the senses (well, not touch or smell but can they really be that far behind?) to bring your web presence to life:

Hello World is an all-in-one web-based communications solution featuring fully-integrated streaming video. With the helloWorld Studio, it's easy to create, publish and store our digital lives, be it our pictures, videos, a live or an on-demand webcast, our music, documents, or calendars. You can even manage your emails and reply with graphic-rich video. Share all your adventures on your helloWorld blog page, introduce friends to a new band, or star in and post your own podcast series. You can even submit your video creations to helloTV where you can win cash, prizes, or an appearance on a major TV network! Pick the plan that works best for you.

Prices start at $9.95 a month. You get video email, podcasting, video IM, video blog, even live broadcasting. ------

Well what do you think? You can also contact me at (912) 654-4864 and I will set up an appointment to take through the process.

I will be transferring all the AOAACF messages to Hello World soon so that I can begin to leave you video messages. Won't that be great! One more thing, I am doing this because I can access Hello World from any where there is an internet connection. That way we can do our video broadcasting from the field as well!!!

Having fun with God.

Dr. Joe
R2 Box 118E
Ludowici GA 31316
(912) 654-4864