John Scotland
Sunday     Jan.  18   10:00 AM & 6:00 PM
Ben Dunn & John Crowder
Sunday     Mar.  1st   6:00 PM
Monday    Mar.  2nd   6:00 PM
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In March 1994 Jean and I received a prophetic word from a prophet by the name of Bobby Connors, Bobby told us that there was a new anointing coming upon the two of us, which would cause many mocking tongues and that the Lord would silence the tongues.
In November of that same year, John received an anointing of intoxication of joy and drunkenness in the Holy Spirit, which launched them both in to itinerate ministry in July 1997.
Below is a description of this anointing given by a pastor in Moncton, NB: Communication with our present day culture involves moving beyond rational thinking as expressed solely in words and into experience, which involves interaction with the congregation and the use of prophetic symbols.
John Scotland is more than a preacher, he is prophetic presenter, a communicator whose actions, antics, props, and bursts into songs, send a multi-media message that mixes outbursts of hilarious joy, with stunningly profound insights and revelations. Warning: Our Lord found speaking in parables and metaphors was not well received by Pharisees, who prefer no nonsense” straight forward statements without ambiguity. Eugene Peterson, (author of the Message Translation of the bible) in writing about St. Paul’s use of metaphor, states that “metaphors keep us from being spectators of language by forcing us to be participants in it” John Scotland’s metaphors and symbols disables the detachment of note taking, and forces us to become connected and involved and at times stretched and uncomfortable, that we may come into a larger place with God.