Chasing the Avatar by Jovan Jones

Chasing the Avatar takes readers on a fascinating journey to find the truth while traveling through India and the United States and living in a Hindu ashram.

A fictionalized autobiography, the action shifts between a young African American woman’s experiences with a Hindu guru, her parents’ agony for her, and the invisible activity of angels and demons. Vibrant and colorful personalities and places are woven together in an exciting yet foreboding way—as is life for many.

Author Jovan Jones strongly believes that “contemporary fiction has presented a dangerously fallacious view of the benevolence of Hinduism, Eastern religion, meditation, and the like.” This book satisfies the craving for the supernatural in a godly way, illustrating the truth concerning the supernatural as it pertains to other religions. It shows the other side of dabbling in things not of God, and delves into the insidiousness, deceptiveness, and the slipperiness of evil.

Protagonist Maya’s discontent leads her to become a student of Cha Ma whom she believes is a human incarnation (avatar) of the goddess Kali, the most malevolent and destructive of all Hindu deities. This danger intrigues and entices Maya, much to the distress of her parents whose prayers spur the Lord’s angels—led by Majesty, Awe, Brilliant, and His Strength—to protect Maya and to war in her life on God’s behalf. The Lord’s angels and satan’s minions collide as they battle for the lives and souls of Maya, her parents, and the people involved with them.

Chasing the Avatar is a stunning tale of Christ’s love and how He redeems those from even the darkest pit. God is seen as He is—ardent, dedicated, fiery, and always on the throne.

“This book answers the question asked by every human being past, present, and future. What is truth? Jovan’s search led her to the reality of truth—the one answer that revolutionized her life forever. Every page will stir your heart as you follow the adventure and discover the greatest treasure of all.” –Dr. James A. Brice Jr., Pastor

This book and its sequels transport readers from life-as-usual to places, cultures, and societies unfamiliar, expanding worldviews and challenging beliefs. To assist readers, unfamiliar with the numerous Hindu and Sanskrit terms, a generous glossary of terms in included.

Author Jovan Jones lived in a South Indian ashram and traveled with a Hindu guru from 1995 to 1997 where she learned about life and faith from a very different and dangerous perspective. She earned her Master’s degree in political science from Harvard in 1998. As a teacher of social studies and language arts, she was chosen Teacher of the Year. Currently she is a mentor facilitator in a large North Carolina public school system, working with mentors and beginning teachers to increase teacher retention and efficacy.

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