Dear Friends,
I am excited to tell you that next Saturday, June 13, after you join me at the piano in the Den and we worship God together, I will share a message and the revelations that the Spirit of God has shown me recently. These are always enlightening moments. 

I will also have a special guest joining me for our fireside chat. Greg Rice, a Businessman and Author in the Marketplace, has been a strong financial supporter of our ministry and he has an incredible testimony you need to hear at this time. The book series, "The Gifts of Freedom," which he authored, is about 12 gifts that God offers us and as we accept, unwrap and use these gifts, we develop a more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, thereby, unlocking incredible freedoms in our lives spiritually, physically, even financially. 

In one of the two chapters on the 8th gift, Greg describes the Gift of Increase as he relays his own personal testimony. In it he recounts how, through his relationship with God, he received miracles that turned his devastating financial situation around. Indeed Greg's submission to God's principles have allowed God to work through Greg in the lives of literally millions of people. I believe this is one chapter everyone should read so I have attached it to this email for you to do so today! It's an account of his walk with God and how he, without a college education or any training in the hospitality sector, went from living in a two room apartment with his family (two rooms not two bedrooms) to becoming one of the leading hotel brokers in the world, selling 111 hotels totaling $3.5 billion. You'll read and discover that it was not a matter of training, but simply a matter of receiving and unwrapping his God-offered destiny, of which receiving and unwrapping the Gift of Increase was a key.
I urge you to read this chapter before the interview so you can follow us as we go much deeper into this you need to know about as a Christian, especially now. Receiving your increase and destiny will also depend on you knowing these Biblical principles. Please read the chapter now and email us any questions you would like Greg to answer, when he shares with us on Saturday, to
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