This past week has been strange at the beast. Some one getting out of jail, and
a norther going into the hospital. But in the mist of it all I was given a

This dream I believe is a warning to the church's. When the Bride is taken there
will be many woe's of the church that will not turn itself over to the authority
of our Beloved Yahshua the true Son of Yahvh.

Three night a go I had a dream that I was in a old church. I could small the
sent of the oil they used on the set's. A old church has a small all of it own.

As I walk in on the lift hand side was women and two men seating there taking.
On the right hand side was men with two women seating there taking. In front
there was a man standing preaching over ever one taking. I was very noisy. All
you could hear was chatter. None of it made much sense.

I was supposed to preach but I could see that the man up front was not going to
let me say any thing, he was to buss taking even thou you could not hear what he
was saying. But he same like he don't care.

I was pulled in the spirit to go over to the one's who was setting on the lift
side of the church. As I began to teach them about Yahshua Bride and that only
about 20% of the church was going to be taken some of the women and the two men
stopped taking and lesson to what I was saying.

Two of the women and the two men started to ask question's. The more they ask
the louder the other side of the church got, and the man that was preach was
screaming. It same like they were trying to drown me out. The more the truth I
spoke the madder they got.

I looked out the Windows and I saw a very dark cloud coming. As I stated to
scream ever one must leave for judgment is coming, but no one would lesson. Just
a few of the women and the two men got up and went out the back of church.

Then I saw a very ugly mean tornado come from the cloud and was head for the
church. I was screaming repent and run. But they would not lesson to me. The
more I warn them the louder they talked.

Just as the tornado was about to over come the church I woke up.

Yesterday this is what I was given in the spirit to the church's.

Give ear and listen and hear the voice of your Lord and God Yahvh. Woe to the
church's who say they are call by my name. For they will not listen. "I have lay
in Zion a foundation but you are turning away from a sure foundation to a man
made one. You are about to be trampled down. Morning is about to pass over
you.There will be heaviness and sorrow. For you eat and drank and have your
night vision's. You have blinded yourselves. Now I am about to pour out on you a
deep sleep. For you have removed your hearts far from Me and come under the
commandment's of men. The wisdom of this men will perish. And woe to those who
seek after man made commandment's. You have things turned around. It is my
commandment you need to seek wisdom in. Woe to the rebellious church for I am
sending My Son to take His Bride. Many are called but only a few is chosen. You
have more trust in Egypt (the world) than Me. You will be lift behind to walk
throw the fire. You are going to walk through a land of trouble and anguish. You
will have to come to trust in Me or you will not come into My Kingdom. Turn back
to Me and come out from the rebellious church. My Son Yahshua is at your door."

Repent, Repent!!!!!!

Rev. Barbara Gilber