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People have little or no discernment where there are no clear boundaries of the spirit marked. After I began receiving sight and discernment into the realm of the spirit many years ago, the first "land" that I began to see was that of my own spiritual land. Apostolic and prophetic ministry led me into choices that would be made towards Kingdom life. This was especially so where community was built through relationships of church, family and friends. In smaller communities, there is little difference in relationships within the church and relationships outside of the church. This is one reason that the Body of Christ needs to cross pollinate with members who are unlike themselves.  

During this time, much of what I was shown in the spirit revealed hidden, unrepented sin, or flesh. However we speak of this, flesh, or self life, must be dealt with through the knowledge of the ministries of Christ in order to become "born" from above. Flesh will never manifest the Christ nature. The knowledge of the ministries bring us into fuller knowledge of the cross as we learn how to surrender our lives. The more serious sin that I saw was cloaked in darkness and hidden through the ways that community is built among people. People must be taught to yield "natural" relationships to the ways of the spirit in order to come to know Christ in corporate relationships that bring healing to families and community. Much of the darkness that is birthed in spirit life is built through the ways people deal with their circumstances when they face difficult times or tribulations. In the times that followed the visions and knowledge I was given, I began ministering about a River that the Holy Spirit had begun revealing to me. I was led to the River that flows from the Temple in Ezekiel 47.

The prophetic times that followed this period revealed people either being carried into deeper relationship with God and His people, or it revealed people being carried away in their sins as an unseen river. In the River of the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the spirit was clearly seen in people’s lives. In the opposite, the full manifestation of sin was seen in people’s lives. To walk in this level of discernment, our lives need to be led by vision that will serve to reveal what is being manifest in our lives by the spirit. Without vision, everything that happens to us is personal. When we can identify the processes of discipleship and sonship, we’re better equipped in how to flow with the Holy Spirit in relationship with our circumstances. As a River floods it’s banks, the areas of our lives that are not established in covenant with God are exposed. What is not in relationship with God will never be relational to His people.

When foundations are tested, the demand for loyalty and relationship will be placed upon God and His covenants or that of man’s. One imparts living plumb lines of faith in the fear and knowledge of the Lord, while the other imparts the fear of man. One River flows in increasing knowledge and wisdom of God and His Kingdom; the other river flows to reveal sin in it’s full manifestation and how man departs from God’s presence. Ignorance and lack of discernment of our actions in times of visitation, or manifestation are our enemies. These are the purposes that discernment needs to be sharpened for as we can easily align ourselves as goats in the time of trials.

Years ago, as a new student and disciple, what struck me the most was that those who seemed to walk in the most deception proclaimed to be Christians for many years. Because of their blindness and hardness of heart, it was clear that they never knew the ways of the cross. Because they didn’t know the cross, they never knew Jesus. This ignorance is usually present where there is a lack of knowledge and equipping in the ministries of Christ, especially in relationship to a corporate body. Offense is always personal and nothing can be taken personally when we’re seeking to walk by vision that will keep us aligned with the corporate Body of Christ so that we manifest His works.

Like the man in Ezekiel who measures the stream every five hundred and sixty yards downstream from the sanctuary of the Temple, we need to measure some boundaries that would mark the life of a disciple, the life of a son, etc.. Five hundred and sixty yards downstream from a disciple is that of fully manifested son or daughter of God.

A Disciple begins a process of decreasing so that Christ can increase. A disciple goes on to become equipped in the fullness of expression of Christ through Five Fold ministry. Their entire life is built on relationship with Christ. Any relationship that is not first established on Christ is a sinking ship. There is no way to walk our lives out in relationship with a greater standard apart from vision. Without vision, we become inverted in our faith to do battle with personal circumstances, even as we're aligned to a corporate body. The end result is to battle Christ and His Church to be separated from the Sheepfold.

Once a disciple’s life is fully developed in Christ,THEN they go on to become manifest sons and daughters of God. Sons operate in full revelation of Christ and in relationship with His Church. A son’s life is marked by the fruitfulness of the Lord and all ministry flows out of this relationship. Ministry that doesn’t flow out of the relationship of sonship is a false measure. False standards lead people into greater darkness because submission will always be towards man and religion rather than relationship with and in Christ.

When the River floods it’s banks, we will either manifest Christ or an anti-Christ nature. It’s time that we know where we are in relationship with Christ and His Church as foundations will be tested in the times ahead. The ministries of Christ are needed to make disciples where lives have not been submitted or committed to Christ.

Ezek 47:6

We walked to the riverbank, 7where I saw dozens of trees on each side. 8The man said:


This water flows eastward to the Jordan River valley and empties into the Dead Sea, where it turns the salt water into fresh water. 9Wherever this water flows, there will be all kinds of animals and fish, because it will bring life and fresh water to the Dead Sea.