I don’t remember exactly when the Lord gave the Song of Solomon to me (or maybe He gave me to the Song of Solomon. I can’t really be sure). I only know that by early 1990s, I had fallen so deeply in love with the Lord and  I desired to know Him in more intimate ways; I was so desperate for Him. There was a cry in my heart and a hunger in my soul that even now I cannot adequately articulate. I soon realized that this was the wooing of the Holy Spirit.

      One day, while browsing in one of my favorite bookstores, I was drawn to a book title: The Song of the Bride. It was really the caption that caught me. Under the author’s name read: “The book that sent her to prison.” It was a commentary on the Song of Solomon by a 16th century French woman who had dared to seek for God outside the tenets of the Catholic Church. She had found God, but she also found much persecution – persecution that led her to imprisonment in the  Bastille. Reading this book changed my perspective on the Christian life, and more specifically my perspective of this God who loves me with such fervency, with such passion. I began to see the ultimate goal of salvation as total union with God.
      That was almost twenty years ago, and the “Song” continues to draw me. As the Lord calls us into greater levels of consecration before Him, I feel Him also drawing me back to this magnificent Love Song, calling me to great adventure of the heart. He is calling me to journey once more through the Song of all songs! I invite you to join me on the journey.
      For the next few weeks, I will be reading through and “experiencing” the Song of Solomon, and just sharing with you what the Holy Spirit speaks to me. This is not an in-depth study of the book; this is not a verse-by-verse exegesis of the book (even though I will share some necessary information to help us understand some of the verses and the overall theme of the book). This is a journey deep into the loving heart of our Father.
      You may have been like I was and avoided the Song of Solomon for a variety of reasons. Let me suggests some things that may help you as we journey through the book together:
          • Read the book all the way through several times. There are only 8 chapters and you could read the entire book in one sitting. 
           • Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down with the imagery; don’t try to understand every little detail. Allow the Holy Spirit to highlight passages that He desires to speak to you personally.
            • The book is an allegory. There is a very literal interpretation of the book (love within the context of marriage), but there is a meaning that transcends that of human love and illustrates the love that the Lord has for us personally. Keep that in mind as you read.
             • The Song is a group of songs or poems. Some scholars suggest it is a drama in verse with King Solomon and the Shulamite maiden as its main characters. Noting who is speaking will help you.
             • The Song shows the progression from immature love to mature love, and many scholars and commentators have divided the book in to sections that show that progression. I personally like Watchman Nee’s divisions:
                  a. initial love
                  b. faltering love
                  c. growing love
                  d. transforming love
                  e. mature love
This progression can also be seen in 3 key verses:
           My beloved is mine and I am his. (2:16)
           I am my beloved’s and he is mine. (6:3)
           I am my beloved’s and his desire is toward me. (7:10)

As you remain open to the Holy Spirit, you will receive much from this book. Press in and glean what He has for you. I know your worship life will be transformed as a result.

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