Morning Precious: 
Easter Weekend
 With Jesus.

Hubby and i made

you some fresh coffee,
come rest with us awhile ok.
How are you doing?
Today lets all stop in and say
 hi, and encourge one another
 ok, i received so many
emails yesterday from our
 cherished members who
 are really going through
 some sad, hard times,
many need healing,
and a real miracle, also
restoration & salvation
 in and for their families,
 First;  Lets all praise
 the Lord together, and
thank Him for keeping us
and all our loved ones safe,
 and Thank Him for all
He is always doing in us,
with us, for us, and through us.
what an awesome
ALIVE Savior and Abba
Father we have, right now
i just want to thank you Lord
for each person reading this,
 please breathe your Healing
 Holy Spirit presence all
 over them and fill  them
with your Peace, Comfort, and Joy,
 Please give them the desires
 of their heart according
 to your Holy Will and
plan for their lives, and
Lord give all of us a deeper
 seeded hunger to pray more
 for one another, and talk to
 you and read the living word
 of God each day.
Lord thank you for your
Mercy and grace that is new
each day for all of us.
Father God for all those
 needing a miracle right
now please bless them,
and find favor with all
of us, in Jesus name
we pray amen and amen.


 God made him who had no

 sin to be sin for us, so that in him we
might become the righteousness of God.
    -- 2 Corinthians 5:21


 Almighty God, thank you for making me righteous in the blood of
your son's death. May people see in me a reflection of your
holiness, justice, and mercy as I try to share your grace with
them. Through Jesus, your sacrifice for my sins I pray. Amen.


Father in heaven, I receive Your

Word into my heart today. Thank You

 for choosing to bless me so that I

 can be a blessing to others.

Show me ways to bless others and

 teach me to receive all You have

 for me. In Jesus' Name. Amen
May our Lord and Savior
keep you in His loving hands,
i pray He will comfort you,
strengthen you and bring
healing in all areas
of your body, mind, Spirit
and all areas of your life.
May God richly bless
you this day and always


Please Come Say Hi to me


Dearest Abba Father God,

we share in the light of Your glory through

Your Son, the Light of the world.  Inflame

 us with new hope.  Purify our minds and

 bring us one day to the feast of eternal light.  Amen.

Scripture Readings: 

 Isaiah 55:1-11   Matthew 28:1-10

Meditation:  Jesus gave up His life for us,

 believing in God