#13, The Crown of Truth

The Vault, May 11, 2009
After Christmas, my eleven-year-old daughter Judah found thin gold wire with shiny foil stars on it and bent the wires into a crown. She giggled and tossed it at me one morning. “Here you go, Mom. I made something for you.” She was just having fun and didn’t realize that I was reading the Odes of Solomon and there were two outstanding verses about crowns that I could not stop thinking about: 
The Lord is on my head like a crown and I shall not be without Him (Ode of Solomon 1:1)! 
An everlasting crown forever is Truth.  Blessed are they who set it on their heads: A stone of great price is it; and there have been wars on account of the crown (Ode of Solomon 9:8,9).
And so since that day that Judah handed me a crown, I’ve worn it around the house. The other day I wore it to the bank. Hnem’s eyes shined and said, “Mom, you are going to the bank. Your crown!”
We laughed. “I don’t care what people think, Hnem. I’m going to wear it.” And we all laughed as Mom ran out the door to the bank w/ the crown on her head. (Yes I just went through the drive through!)
My son came in my office after school last week and said, “You’re still wearing your angel hat?” 
I said, “Oh, it’s not a halo, it’s the crown of truth!”
Some days I quote the first Ode and other days I quote the ninth one. I want to leave you with the ninth one today. I pray that you will leave one room/one place today and enter the next one with your crown intact!
Ode 9
4 Be enriched in God the Father, and receive the thought of the Most High.
8 An everlasting crown forever is Truth. Blessed are they who set it on their heads:
9 A stone of great price is it; and there have been wars on account of the crown.
10 And righteousness hath taken it and hath given it to you.
11 Put on the crown in the true covenant of the Lord.
12 And all those who have conquered shall be written in His book.
13 For their book is victory which is yours. And she (Victory) sees you before her and wills that you shall be saved. Hallelujah.
Yes! Hallelujah!