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After the founding of the Republic of China, the so-called "black society" criminal enterprises were eradicated but a recent string of high-profile crackdowns and the sentencing of organized crime bosses shows that criminal activities have come back in full swing. It is apparent that criminals today are not only much more sophisticated but also well-connected with corrupted officials in high places. Prosperity without God leads only to moral depravity and decline. China today needs Jesus more than ever before. Let us pray for the softening of the hearts of people in China, the advancement of the gospel and for believers to be bold to share Jesus with their neighbors.
During 2008 and 2009 direct sales marketing has enjoyed two wonderful years of growth in China, expanding about 60% annually. Cosmetics, health and cleaning products, home-health care equipment, and small appliances are the most popular items. Direct marketing came to China in 1990 and grew phenomenally but was shut down by the government and did not regain approval until recently. Many Christians, including church workers, are also caught up in the fever of direct sales and the promise of making good money selling to friends. Marketing to church members brings uneasiness and complicates that relationship. Let us pray that all believers will have this same excitement about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with their friends and relatives.
In recent years the "Greater Suzhou Area" has become a magnet for foreign investors with nearly two thousand Taiwanese-owned high-tech factories there. Their being close to metropolitan Shanghai, having an efficient local government, the availability of a high-quality pool of laborers, and the famous Suzhou hospitality have all been contributing factors to the success of these efforts.