Greetings, Everyone!

Marie and I are in Kansas City for a couple of days, connecting with the leaders of the Forerunner School of Ministry and the IHOPU Student Awakening, laying the groundwork for a series of IHOP-KC leaders and teachers to come to the House of Prayer Northwest for instruction and impartation. The Holy Spirit has been meeting us in powerful ways, and strengthening the anticipation of His breakthrough that is coming to the Northwest region. We're looking forward to sharing with all of you this Friday night at the Encountering God Service. These Friday meetings have been packing out, so come early for soaking prayer and to get a seat! We're located at 32008 32nd Ave South in Federal Way.

The Holy Spirit is breaking out in powerful ways and in many places these days. He has an appointed time to release His presence and power in the Northwest, and is inviting us to prepare the way with a season of fasting and prayer. Beginning March 1 and continuing until April 9, we are calling for all who have a willing heart to join us in this Daniel fast (no meats, no sweets), and to give yourselves extravagantly to prayer and personal consecration. We are asking the Holy Spirit to release the fear of the Lord to us in a profound way, that we might be prepared for His presence, for His great grace to move among us in signs, wonders, and evangelism.

The fear of the Lord is an essential component in preparing for the release of God's presence. He is holy, a consuming fire, and He graciously gives us a way to prepare for His presence so that there will be blessing and not negative implications. In Exodus, God sent lightning, thunder, earthquakes, fire, smoke, and loud noises before He descended on Mt. Sinai, and the purpose of it all was to instill the fear of the Lord that would protect the people in the midst of His visitation.

In the Book of Hebrews, chapter 12, we are instructed that the place we are invited to is more serious than that, and that we must approach His presence with fear and reverence. Sadly, the Body of Christ is America has been largely devoid of God's overt presence for a long time, and so this seems strange to us. But I believe with all my heart that Jesus is preparing to visit us with great grace, great presence, and so we are being called to prepare.

My hope is that you will hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in this, and prepare your hearts by participating in the Daniel fast, and by joining us in the Prayer Room as we seek His face together. Please check our website calendar for the new and expanded schedule.

May great grace be upon us all.

Gary Wiens