God’s Supernatural Power in You
compiled by Frank DeCenso Jr.
Never before has this group of 12 pastors, teachers, prophets, ministry founders, and authors been published together in the same volume!
God’s Supernatural Power in You includes chapters from:
James W. Goll – Warrior’s Mantle
Che Ahn – Foundations of Power Ministry
Heidi Baker – The Secret Is the Secret Place
Jaeson Ma – Divine Healing Power
Marc A. DuPont – Why God Heals Today!
Graham Cooke – Power Evangelism and God’s Nature
Steve Sjogren – Willing to Lose
Craig von Buseck – Prophetic Evangelism
Wolfgang Simson – The Power of Nameless and Faceless People
Scott McDermott – Redefining Church
Kris Vallotton – Living From the Timeless Zone
Marguerite Evans – Soaking in God’s Love
With one theme—God’s Supernatural Power in You—but many different voices, the biblical teaching that the Body is made up of many members is proven true.
Although each author has their own unique personality, background, experiences, and style, all blend beautifully together to provide the reader with one explosion of dynamic ideas and profound truths.
The Introduction challenges readers “to equip and be equipped” and then be released into ministry. The authors were asked to educate and equip the Church to walk in God’s Kingdom power—today. 
Dr. James W. Goll encourages “Never give up. We know who the Victor is, and He ‘mantles’ us with His own courage, strength, wisdom, and everything else that we will ever need.”
Dr. Che Ahn with Bessie Watson Rhoades proclaim that “Our intimacy with the Lord is our greatest purpose and delight. From that place, everything that is meaningful or lasting
Dr. Heidi Baker with Shara Pradhan believe that God “is looking for union, not occasional worship, so that our very nature is transformed.”
Jaeson Ma “told [a man with ‘duck feet’] to soak in God’s presence. Five minutes later he yelled out, “I’m healed!”
Marc DuPont says that “These two lies, which have become entrenched in the soul of humanity—trust in our own understanding (abilities) and disbelief in God’s desire to truly have personal relationship with us—stand as an almost insurmountable wall against responding positively to the in-your-face goodness of Jesus.”
Graham Cooke writes that “Our theology espouses authority but does not practice it.”
Steve Sjogren contends that “Fear is our enemy because God builds His Kingdom using those who are willing to risk big for the things that excite Him.”
Dr. Craig von Buseck believes that “Power evangelism takes the form of words of knowledge, healing, prophecy, and deliverance from demonic oppression.”
Wolfgang Simson says, “I have come to believe that the single most outstanding factor defining true and authentic spiritual power is loving obedience to our King, Jesus.”
Dr. Scott McDermott dreams of a church “that redefines church.”
Kris Vallotton believes that “ungodly sorrow…relegates the world to being discipled by imposters like Judas, New Age gurus, and false religious spirits who ultimately release foreboding mindsets over our land.”
Marguerite Evans knows that “soaking leads to action.”
Compiler Frank DeCenso Jr. has taught Bible and theological subject for almost 20 years in churches, home groups, Bible studies, and forums online.
You can buy God’s Supernatural Power in You compiled by Frank DeCenso Jr. at www.destinyimage.com or www.amazon.com.
ISBN: 978-0-7684-2832-2
Retail: $16.99
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