Creating Israel there RIGHT NOW! I DO THIS. RIGHT, now.
Cottingham September 22, 2007 4:28am. Forward freely.
The free me is me. Alleluia.
I'm one, now.
Now I'm one; two not, have become one. The one I was is one me again.
Two not, became so, not; evil'd not; one were.
I love you.
SEE, what I've said.
Alleluia'ing the troop'eth'ettes not from virginities' circles, but virginating them, not; they WERE virgins all along, now knowing it, all do. All do. ALL DO TED, now knowing it, you preaching it often, or knowing it, delivering it, -'s message to all; inseminators, not; there is none. For I am lord of all/of the harvest, not; alleluia my name is, transparency being, I am transparency'ized! And alleluia's my forethought, a'not. A'villes'ville my name, not; a nation's my name, hence Israel derived its name, derives its name. A'forethought'd not; a forethought in alls minds now. Alleluia'ing them not, a'notsville rises, not; evil empire ferocious does, a'noting evil to be evil, not; emasculateers rampant, but what do I know? A virgin in Israel has conceived me! Alleluia's her name, ted does; is, the angelic one, not; alleluia, telling all virgins they are; now knowing it, leading the troop'eth'ettes to be misled no more/longer by evil's evil asserting a'seminating the notme
Truth to truth'eth'ettes -ville residents, being, bringing forth Christ childs a'many now; notme, not; a me rises Israel/in Israel. Israel rises! From the ash heaps, not; into; and therefrom, into me! -sville. A'proper'd not by Mansfield, but he's a man there too! Watch me! Alleluia all, not; just few, not; a'ten millions? And millions, of forethoughts, not; a fore thoughter all were; a'justing jousting and who's to say that Shane's not mine? no one, ville, dear. I love you all.
I've given you me, -sville, clear title to. Real estate, not; a'loving you all clean clear through, real estate changes its name, to meaning realllll I do now, estate'ing the notme's not into hell, leaving them a'there, they ARE there. A'loving you not; creating havoc all creators creating are, not as fore thought,s; but what does Israel lie on? A bed of crate'itus; caving in? to not me forces a'bullet'd now? a'riddled, not public opinion proof,d; but all seeking me/union with me, not; dissolution prevails. Does it? Doesn't it? See the handwriting on the wall for Israel 13, a not says; but not says, hasn't seen all, has 'e/it?
A notme destroys Israel, not; a'them destroyed themselves.
A notme destroys themselves not in Israel, a'not, a'not, a'not. Ville rises, a'not'd, me perfectly rises rising,s now; against Israel, not; alone not; but whose to ride in chariot one, beside me, now? A'loving you all.
Israel diminishes me, not; I it, not now; all knowing, forethoughts don't count, not; getting rewritten they are now.
I'm one!
Two not.
Equals one/you!
I'm done mom/now!
Alleluia'ing all people, not; but who's a'proof now, Israel's real, proper now; attired; attritions'not desire; but who's to say I bulletproof now?
I cannot feel him. I love him, hate him, whose he is I am not; they some say.
Alleluia! I'm one mom! Dad! One one one! one is/equals oneville now, Israel HERE! IN ME! IS ME! I'M I'VE MADE IT! CREATED IT CREATING IT NOT LIKE ANYONE THOUGHT.
One does. Did. Does now, again.
Loving you enough, all, now see'know now.
I love exist.
Me I'm afraid, not; no fear I know.
I jump from pinnacle's temple,s; not; a not does. But I never did.
A does that matter?
Matter matters not, me, or any me'sville'ers now.
I love you all.
Matter not Israel prevaileth now.
I love you.
Who can see what I've said?
Deception rampant.
A'notme did this. To Israel's whore, not; who whore'd who? whom did this to who, 'ing others, a'not did. This to self did/does. Alleluia'not does, again.
Smoke smoldering ruins, ash heaps; smoldering a'all not me around, ash heaps makin' of me's, -ville troops, not; a virgin'not inseminated and brought forth a son, child not; a mind of evil inseminated me. A me exists permanently a'fielded a'notme, not; my child breaks it/forth now!
Two not!
A'Israel'ing mine to be a'mine mind now; a not'framed one.
I force field, not; a'simulator/simulation, not; a force field separating separation'd me, a'not from notsville creating notIsrael. Proper attired thee?
Who's to say see Israel now?
A lover perfect. -ing others now.
I love you'him, you are. All who seek me to know the truth, -ville lies not heart of Texas in, Tulsa now.
I love you all.
Zion reclaimed, established now! NOWSVILLE! HAS ARISEN!!!
From the ashheaps lie, now. Into Israel come, virginettes all, a'virginating me, not a'castrating me, -s; notme's by.
Alleluia stands! Up!
A'nowville creating me, it, the one'child rises, me! all say, know now.
A field not forced, Israel creating created in surrender. -ville, all know now.
See Israel with me, realville is, a now is; texas'market'd not; a'tulsa'd is.
I love you.
To be the REAL thing; thing'eth'ing not my sayingsville into a'whoresville of horror stories.
I love you. Real be your name Israel one; yours ted; yours's name; no longer a'whoring around with notme's, a new Israel arises, me's. Alleluia's! -ville, cored deeply. Notwithstanding all forces now; a'creating trueIsrael proper'd, attired, me'by.
A love you, real, fruitful, tree now.
Giving all flyby's, not; fly ointment, not; a salve, healing salve, balm, ointment for eyes to see, me now. All Israel does.
Without me, not; me being me -sville and proper'd attired and attire's mine; don't you see, all of you?
This is the now me me.
Alleluia! Twonotsville arising me'propers -ly dressed now!
Alleluiaing all; saints not; a'saint'd me, not; I dressed down now, not; I equal saviors a'many streets in. Alleluia'ing all, not; but who I say, show, you.
Thankfully yours.
A'Israel arises.
Alleluia! Too thankful, not;
Thankfully yours;
FULLY yours.
Fully YOURS.
Filly not.
Filthy not.
Lucre comes. Abundantly'fied now. I use it. Need it, not; I use it. There for what father my father says spend. Us one, the one kingdom, not; plural kingdoms coming into one now, see as never before imagined. Imagineship reigns, not; a'I do. Thank you, maam.
Evil over o're?
A'notsville is.
All evil o're? us?
Around us, is.
No more.
Evil prevails prevailed not. Israel war'd, one, not; surrendered, to be me! -sville now.
A texas'graved'one not; a rising's one too?
See now.
I'm one dad! -sville in dadsville, making dads'ville's a'now -ville, proper and true.
Ash heaps don't bother me, not; I a'have my eyes one dad, -sville. Oneville. Israel trued me. I it! became it, her!, no'sin!
Achieved its purpose, not.
I love you.
Surrender did!!! Me pure now.
Obedient not; surrendered.
MY paradigm changed, not. Did it? Me pure simple now.
I alleluia am, the one changed.
Forever right pure lovely, lovelying others forever -sville now rising. There, where you are son, Tulsa'sville a'proper's your name now, arising Israel, propers; Israel propers; Israel prospers right here YOU are. All of you, this much, I love you. Give you me I do now, have. Rights to, not; I surrendered all.
I live now. Aright now.
See what I've said.
Thank you maam for that compliment, not; a'ramrod in my back.
I stiff am, not, any longer.
De I am now; a'foment'd one, not; tormented; escaped (1), now; a'notsville in, not; creating Israel there RIGHT NOW! I DO THIS. RIGHT, now.
I love you all.
Good day.
I equal perish, ing; not.
I equal surrender's surrender. A surrender becoming, rise schools a'many, many now come, afar from. Equaling saviors, -sville now.
A'loving all, from afar, not; going TO them all: four corners now; ALL FOURCORNERS now.
I love you.
See what I've said.
Given again?
I love Israel my heart'd one. True Israel proper attired now.
A'loving you all.
Oh not, not.
See it flourish,d; not; a'ash heaps now?
But Where's ISRAEL REAL?
Call. Just; call my name, I'll be there…. I'll be there… a'lovin you, all.
Loving you all.
A song, not; truth. -ville lies not. A'graved. A'risen! -d!!! lies graveclothed no more!
Easter in July?
How bout September?
I see now.
All is well. Western front, not; alleluia is.
Loving me all.
Forever now.
And always.
S E E !!! what I've said, please. Will you Please?
Loving you all this much, see'write my words please.
Like this?
Like you give them to me, not; like I give them to you, you being me for a change, not; eternally existent before forethought enveloped me in flesh suits.
Dykes fail.
I love you.
Pinned one, not; alleluia all's all who father say/is, one now.
All love me, hate me, many, some. Who's to say? I all choose, don't I'we?
I DO. Love you.
I marry you; love has.
Is you friend.
I'm one.
Two not, -s my name now.
Loving you all.
Good day.
Hour rises? Me?
Ours rise; together we're one.
Two'nots rise.
Three'nots rise, two'nots rise.
ONE rises. As one. Three'two not.
A'one Israel is, real and true. To you all, to, will you let him? be you, you him, in me?
We three not; one is. Are you?
Three without me?
Nay, one is, one real.
I'm one.
Love you all.
Good hour.
Mine rises, me now.
Love you all.
Good day.
Thank you very much, maam.
All who see, can see, the truth, be it, being it, Israel pure and true, truth now, arises.
Arisen Israel I have done.
This not. I evacuated, me, not.
Israel True rises. (2).
Equaling me?
One I am. shall be, forevermore,
oh yours my friend.
All yours.
My friend is.
Alleluia all I say/show you.
Two'nots arise.
I'm one.
Two not any more.
Love you free.
Oneville in, see all a'coming now.
To be one, with one. Master, not; surrenderer.
Rises me,s.
All one are.
Real true Israel establishing Israel true and proper attired'ly now.
A wedding?
Master of ceremonies, too???
A white'house'd one also.
I love you all.
I've stated much given, much required (3).
Equals me equals me.
I love stated much sorrow herein, be not afraid.
Stated much joy, too.
See the real diminished not; all else fails, falls flat. 'd by notme.
Fails to come, not; a'Israel turned into me Israel true! -ly -ville.
I love you all, for seeing this truth.
Opens the door, next.
For all who will, be the door.
BE the door, one, way, now; life pure true water, clean, cleared, of all impurities.
Loving you All.
Good day.
A me rises.
Now! now!
N O W!
Declared, equal surrender, equals surrender, enter him! who nosin is.
I love you all.
Virgins all, now knowing it, surrendered are.
Are'sville aren't, are not;
ONE is.
Love you all.
A'me estabslihed.
Zion founded (4).
Overnight not; ONE DAY now.
Is many saved, not; surrendered. Equals me, -ville establishing, MY nation (5), proper'dly attired. Wedding clothes, one, married are, feast day one approaching? HERE NOW! is!!!
Me love s thee, all, this much.
See tedly tomorrow, not.
What's tomorrow dad?
I ah, don't rightly know?
Rightly know ONE thing, I'M, ONE NOW!
All say?
Allsay I am? Allsay you are to be, not; but one is.
Love you all.
Good day.
Hour mine.
See me rise.
Sunshine not; glorified body mine (6), all mine, mine all mine, MINE ALL MINE rise now.
Love you real and true.
Israel YOUR name forever, land in, create! Creating it, now, hallelujah!
Hosanna in the highest!
(1) Isa 10:20 In that day the remnant of Israel, the survivors of the house of Jacob, will no longer rely on him who struck them down but will truly rely on the LORD, the Holy One of Israel.
Isa 37:31 And the remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah shall again take root downward, and bear fruit upward:
(2) Heb 12:22 But you have come to Mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly.
(3) Luke 12:48 … For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required….
(4) Isa 14:32 What shall one then answer the messengers of the nation? That the LORD hath founded Zion, and the poor of his people shall trust in it.
(5) 1 Pet 2:10 Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.
(6) 2 Th 1:10 on the day he comes to be glorified in his holy people and to be marveled at among all those who have believed….
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