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God's Heart for Ishmael

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Patricia King

"God's Heart for Ishmael" is this week's featured episode of Extreme Prophetic TV. Watch Patricia and Faisal Malick as they talk about Islam, the Muslim people, and how God's love and truth can draw anyone to Him.

In this insightful episode, Patricia spends time with Faisal Malick. Faisal is a former Muslim who had been schooled in the Koran, practiced Islam, and then had a powerful revelation of Jesus Christ as Lord. Faisal shares his amazing testimony, and how just like Saul of Tarsus he went from a radical persecutor of Christians to a radical believer in Jesus when the scales fell from his eyes.

Faisal and Patricia also share about how God is pursuing Muslims. Don't miss this insight into God's heart for all people. It will cause His love in your heart to well up like never before. Oh what an awesome God we have!

God's Heart for Ishmael

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