Greeting Brother And Sisters In Christ!!!!

I know a woman who lives near to me and is moving to a new place this Saturday. She is a mature single woman who has had a series of unfortunate events that have to do with her parents dying and being forced to move due to a roomates problems with the landlord, etc. Anyhow, she is a very nice lady who has lived off of her resources as much as she has had and now has a real problem as she has no more to spend. She has been actively seeking work from home to supplement her otherwise limited resources. She has health issues and no car. She does have a bike that she is able to ride for short distances. The bike is in need of repair but has been a God send to her.
In the meantime she has put money on a small apartment that she will share with another woman at the oceanfront (VaBeach). So, she basically has her housing secured financially at this point. But she still needs help and I am trying to get her some. She is devote Christian and very good hearted and has not relied on help from others in the past to survive.

What her real need at this time is boxes (I will look for some for her to pack with later in the week) and furnishings. She only has a twin mattress on the floor where she presently is.
I asked her what sort of furniture she might need and also in regards to the lady she is moving in with.

twin bed boxspring with frame
chests of drawers
a large storage cabinet that could hang clothes in
small kitchen table with chairs
small couch or easy chair for living room, which is small
a twin bed for my roommate
drying rack for dishes

She also has a lot of books and hopes to somehow get a book shelf but that is not so important right now. I think what is most important for her to start out with is at least a bed.

If anyone has something that could be of help to her, please email me and I will give you her contact information. She has no means to pick any furniture up and I dont have a big vehicle that can do that either so this would also be needed if someone has furniture for her. Maybe someone doesnt have furnishings but might be able to offer some transportation to deliver. Let me know if this is you!

Thank you all! God Bless
Jean TMN