Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth — For your love is more delightful than wine.     Song of Solomon 1:2 NIV


"My Beloved Bride, there are so many things in this world that can bring you pleasure; that can bring you joy.  Many things that draw you with their intoxicating appeal.  They called you before you came to Me and they call you still. Once you sought the 'stuff' of the world, its wine, its pleasures. And you know that in all your pleasure-seeking, often the emptiness you sought to fill still remained. And you sought the more, thinking more would satisfy. 

You say, "But Lord, that was then; that was yesterday. This is now and all I seek is You.'"  And I ask, Are you sure?

Don't equate the pleasures of the world with sin; for, all pleasure is not sin.  And with that in mind, I ask what now do you seek to bring you pleasure, to bring you joy?   Where do you find that which intoxicates you, that makes you weak and brings you to your knees?   Those times when you feel unloved, lonely, disconnected, hurt, empty, unfulfilled, disappointed, do you still seek satisfaction in places or people, events or experiences?  Do you still seek the 'wine of the world'?

People drink wine for its intoxicating properties -- it relaxes, it frees, it warms.  It helps them escape.  My Love relaxes, it frees, it warms. It helps you escape darkness, death and fear. It gives light!  It gives meaning and purpose.  It unites!  It gives joy and laughter.  It gives life! 

You have tasted of My love!  You have tasted of My grace!  You have tasted of My mercy, My compassion, My faithfulness.  You have tasted of My Presence.  You have tasted and you have seen; I Am good!   My love, My caresses, My unconditional, never-failing, longsuffering, everlasting, strong and mighty love for you is far better than anything else you can ever seek.  Sometimes you seem to forget that.  And sometimes you really do, whether you realize it or not, turn to find it somewhere else.   No thing, no person, no title, no amount of money, no vacation spot, no ministry, no applause from the masses is better than My love for you.  And nothing will ever give you the deepest, lasting satisfaction.  You know that! I know you do!

The next time you feel a sense of emptiness, loneliness, need, turn to Me.  Drink of Me.  Drink of My love.  Take your fill of Me and be completely satisfied by My intoxicating love for you.    I love you!”