55% Say Congress Should Start Over On Health Care

Posted: 05 Mar 2010 08:19 AM PST

55% Say Congress Should Start Over On Health Care




Following a small bounce in support following his health care summit last week, President Obama has continued to try to rally House Democrats to vote for his health care overhaul. He wants the legislation approved by the Senate passed in December as a "first step" towards further improvements of the plan.

However, most U.S. voters (55%) would rather see Congress scrap the original plan and start all over again, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

69% Say Cities Don’t Have Right To Ban Handguns

Posted: 05 Mar 2010 08:18 AM PST

69% Say Cities Don’t Have Right To Ban Handguns

The Supreme Court is wrestling with a major case questioning whether Chicago’s handgun ban violates the Second Amendment, but 69% of Americans say city governments do not have the right to prevent citizens from owning such guns. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that just 25% of adults think city governments do have that right.

69% Say Cities Don’t Have Right To Ban Handguns

Posted: 05 Mar 2010 08:17 AM PST

69% Say Cities Don’t Have Right To Ban Handguns

The Supreme Court is wrestling with a major case questioning whether Chicago’s handgun ban violates the Second Amendment, but 69% of Americans say city governments do not have the right to prevent citizens from owning such guns. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that just 25% of adults think city governments do have that right.

Stupak: He Brings Good Things to Life

Posted: 05 Mar 2010 07:45 AM PST

Stupak: He Brings Good Things to Life

Standing up for what’s right sometimes means standing alone. And no one knows that better than Congressman Bart Stupak (D-Mich.). Despite angry calls to his office and outrage from the leadership of his own party, the Michigan Democrat refuses to give up on his language to ban taxpayer-funded abortion in the final health care bill. "You fight for a principle you’ve believed in your whole life," Rep. Stupak says. "[You don't] fold up the tent." He knows his values are unpopular with the Democratic leadership, but he’s used to it. When he ran for Congress in 1992, his party’s political consultants refused to work with him because they didn’t believe a Democrat could win on a pro-life platform. On ABC’s "Good Morning America" earlier today, the man standing between the unborn and a powerful abortion lobby showed that he’s ready to prove his critics wrong–again.

Rep. Stupak: [T]he bill that they are using as a vehicle is the Senate bill. If you go to page 2069 through page 2078, you would find in there the federal government would directly subsidize abortions … [W]e’re not going to vote for this bill with that kind of language in there. The president says no federal funding for abortion. I have eight pieces of legislation we currently have in federal law that say no public funding for abortion. [He can] take any one of these eight, insert the language, and we’ll be happy… If there’s a will, there’s a way. [Saying you can't do it under reconciliation rules] is just an excuse they’re giving. Look, give us our language. Let’s keep current law: no public funding for abortion…

Stephanopoulos: Let me be clear here. If the president doesn’t change the language, if your language is not accepted, you and your 11 colleagues who voted ‘yes’ the last time will vote ‘no’ this time. Does that mean you’re prepared to take responsibility for bringing down this whole bill?

Rep. Stupak: Yes, we’re prepared to take responsibility… I want to see health care. But we’re not going to bypass some principles and beliefs that we feel strongly about.

"Before, when we talked about pro-life Democrats," Rep. Stupak told the New York Times, "you’d get a snicker and a laugh. We were just always overlooked. We’re not overlooked anymore." Nor should they be. This is a powerful coalition, led by a principled leader, worthy of America’s respect.

Cowardly Lyin’

Despite the President’s claims, Rep. Chair Susan Davis (D-Calif.) made it clear that her party has no interest in studying "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" or its effects on our troops. " When it comes to repeal, the question is not whether–but how and when." From the very beginning of yesterday’s House hearing on the subject, Rep. Davis talked about the inevitability of repeal rather than the military’s need for an honest and thorough examination of the law. "Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen have set in motion a study group to determine"–not the consequences of abolishing the policy, but–"what needs to be done to implement repeal…"

So why the comprehensive review? Unfortunately, it’s part of a broader White House ploy. The President wants the issue to energize the radical base of the Democratic party, but won’t force a vote until the final report is presented to Congress on December 1. It’s no accident that the time line calls for the report to be presented a month after the election to a lame-duck Congress. It’s the cowardly way out on an issue that demands Congress’s full and sincere attention. Join us in calling on members to push back a final vote on "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" until next year when the public can hold their elected officials accountable for their vote.

Czar Trek: The Next Generation

Although there continues to be plenty of controversy surrounding Kevin Jennings, the President’s latest response isn’t "fire him" but "fund him!" As part of the "Keeping All Students Safe Act" (H.R. 4247), the administration is pushing for a $45 million raise for Kevin Jennings’s programs–one of which is a radical "school climate" project. During his tenure at the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), that meant measuring how well the classroom fully integrated homosexual themes.

Yesterday, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), one of 53 Congressmen to call for an investigation, spoke on the House floor about the hypocrisy of giving more taxpayer dollars to a drug-abusing, statutory rape-supporting czar for the purpose of securing America’s classrooms. "I suspect the President of the United States isn’t interested in having Kevin Jennings come before the cameras here in the United States Congress because he has made the totality of his life about promoting homosexuality within the schools and much of it at the elementary school level." For more on what you can do to help Rep. King oust Jennings, visit FRC’s "Stop Jennings" website.

U.S. czar in Cold War: Smack in the USSR

Posted: 05 Mar 2010 07:44 AM PST

U.S. czar in Cold War: Smack in the USSR

John Holdren, President Obama’s "science" czar, visited the Soviet Union during the Cold War as vice chairman of a group whose founder was accused of providing vital nuclear information that helped the Soviets build an atom bomb, WND has learned.

The original leaders of the group, the Federation of American Scientists, also served on the board of a magazine whose personnel were accused of passing crucial nuclear information to the Soviets. Holdren served on the board of directors of that magazine, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

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Must Read News

March 4: Dems to Try to Squeeze Through Controversial Health Care Reform

Posted: 05 Mar 2010 07:43 AM PST

Pro-Life Leaders Dismayed after President Releases Health Care Proposal
by Nima Reza, managing editor

One Democrat says a dozen of his colleagues will vote against it unless taxpayer-funded abortion is removed.

President Obama released his latest version of the health care reform proposal Wednesday.

It still includes federally funded abortions. Poll after poll shows Americans do not want abortion funding in the bill.

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., has said he wants health care reform. However, he and 11 other Democrats are standing on clear moral principle that federal dollars should not pay for killing preborn children.

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Marine veteran told to ‘Take a Hike’

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 07:32 PM PST

Marine veteran told to ‘Take a Hike’
A foreshadowing of repealing "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" tells a scary truth. Andrews Air Force Base censors free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment.

March 4, 2010
Dear Robert,

Pro-family leader Tony Perkins was basically told to "take a hike" after originally being invited to speak at a luncheon at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington, DC.

Perkins is president of the DC-based Family Research Council (FRC). He had been invited to speak at the National Prayer Luncheon at the military base, scheduled for February 25. Perkins, who is an ordained minister and a Marine Corps veteran, had planned to give a devotional message — not a political one.

Since when does the military tell religious people to take a hike if they think the ban on gays in the military is valid?

Well, since President Obama called on Congress to repeal the 1993 law which bans homosexuals from military service. Perkins forcefully spoke out against the proposed policy change and two days later, he received a letter from the chaplain’s office at Andrews AFB.

"I received a letter dis-inviting [me] to speak because of the statements that our organization had made," he explained. "At one level it’s disappointing, because as a veteran of the Marine Corps I look forward to opportunities to speak to men and women in the military. But secondly, and much more alarming, is this is a foreshadow[ing], I believe, of things to come if this policy goes forward."

If we do not insist that the ban on homosexual military service be retained, our military will no longer be the place America’s families want to send their best and brightest young men and women.

Take Action

1. Email Andrews Air Force Base Commander, Colonel Steven M. Shepro, letting him know of your disappointment in the military’s censorship of free speech on his base.

2. If you or a family member serves in the military, it could be short-lived if the ban on homosexuality is repealed. AFA has established a dedicated webpage with extensive resources to help you understand and debate this issue.

3. Read the consequences of the proposed new "LGBT Law" for the military - an easy to follow, yet detailed look summarizing the consequences of Obama’s proposal to change current law prohibiting gays in the military. Charts outline the dangers, including forced diversity training, misconduct incidents, forcing Chaplains out of the military, lower retention rates, lack of unit cohesion, on-base housing for "married" gays, and much more.

Take Action Now

Email Andrews Air Force Base Commander, Colonel Steven M. Shepro

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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