Arrived in Dominican Republic on Sat. Feb 27th and left at 6am for the long and difficult ride to Haiti. We were escorted by a Colonel, friend of Victor Rodriguez, in the DR Military. This allowed us to bypass military check points and delays at the border.
We stayed Sun. and Monday Pastor Vincent's compound in Cite Soleil. Monday, we went to a clinic in Cite Soleil. We saw over 200 people. Evaluating, diagnosing and treating their medical problems.The people were happy to see us and greeted us by hugs and kissing our hands. After clinic, we stayed and played with the children. We passed out candy and coloring books also.
Tues and Wed., we went to a remote mountain village in the city of Cazel. These village people had never seen missionaries before. Most had never had any form of medical care either. We had a 2 day clinic. Rumor had spread through the village that we were coming and some people walked for several days to get to our clinic. The people were so wonderful. They wanted us to have the best of what they had so they put rugs on the dirt floor of the outdoor Church and we slept there. They posted 4 guards at the Church door so we would feel safe. They gave us a church service and rented a generator so they could run one light bulb for the service. We pooled the money we had on us and gave it to them during the service so they could buy the generator for future use. They were thrilled. We also helped distribute food that Pastor Vincent had brought to the village.
Thursday, we went back to the clinic in Port Au Prince again. After clinic, we toured Port Au Prince. The city was in ruins as far as the eye could see. Make shift tents with scrap wood, metal and sheets. The few lucky people had a real tent.
Friday, we had a clinic on the out skirts of town in Port Au Prince. We saw so many babies and children. All had scabies and many had wounds that had become infected. We drained the pus and irrigated the wounds and gave out antibiotics.
It was hard to leave. There was so much more to be done. So many more people in need of help. The people hugged us goodbye and made us promise to return.
We will return!