Snow is in the forcast and I am thinking FREEZER!

Potter's House at Virginia Beach United Methodist Church is in need of a chest freezer (preferable that locks) for extra storage of meats and freezer foods for the food pantry.

I know this need very well as I am the Resource Director there and the food has been coming in from some wonderful sources lately that either has to get out the door right away or get frozen for later. We do not have the freezer space right now and it is much needed. you have one of those freezers sitting in your garage that you just do not use or need anymore? There is a good reason to part with it right now to help feed the hungry in Virginia Beach!!

Okay, one more thing...we need a way to get it to us too so if you can help in that way as well, it would be super!!

Email me, if you can help and lets hope for a little snow to give us a dose of fun this weekend as well!