LAND'D ISRAEL is me now.
Cottingham  September 29, 2007 c. Forward freely.
The Great Opportunity
The revelation of God finished
The mysteries of God known
The manifestation of the sons of God brought forth
Zion established
The lamb and the lion lay down
All the me from the notme understood
Time is no more
Boundaries are no more
No authority or dominion rules my people
My people are a'the nation Israel, my heart, replete.
This is what's coming about ted, at light speed, not; here, it is.
Here, it is.
Here it is ted.
You're it/the it, and it's/it, is you.
I love you all.
This is the time tested truth, not understanding many will, at first. The first finished.
Or just begun, again.
The two/truth is, the one is one. And two truths they're isn't, wasn't, but two'ism fails not to fail me, you, the all embracing of embracers succinct succumbable to the two'dual'ism's of notme, embracing them, like they've never acknowledged/understood.
The notme is me. You understand that ted. Most don't, but will, ever so shortly, for into my hands'heart you've issued you'me your spirit'soul not of man's doing; but into me came to see soul'less realms of a notme of, and afraid not, you backed not off, but yelled not; but bare'd me'my all to my all reveal, reveal to you, in you was, is, the all.
Afraid not; you've risen. Not 13, now; you're 7, and perfect!
Who cares?
Gives a damnation, not; a curse'blessing, not; but a clearpromise, of Israel being, the one I am?
I care.
I care.
Sigh not, beside the couch, potatoes; not. But what are sighing now, couch potatoes none, who see my army, 's them!
Joel 2, to life? (1). To death not; to life! be! -ing! the me now! -er and perfectly-er; shall we now?
I love to see the grave'less ones now; a'soaring over me, not; WITH me, IN me; I AM ARE! Don't you see reader hearer the significance in these words?, WITH me, IN me, I AM YOU ARE!
Don't you?
Please say no, not; but YES!!! I FINALLY SEEEEE!!!! Seeing truly! Truly!
Truly yours,
I AM YOU ARE THE ONE LEARNING TO FLY. Me to the moon, not; but what past realms all now you, -re learning about, that you're the lamb'fly'able one! And where're learning that; such things, mistakenly not; but bringing mistakenville into perfectly'light'ville!
The angels finished, singing, amen not; amens not; GLORY HALLELUJAH TO KING OF KINGS! ANGELS FINISHED ANGELING! GOING TO WORK ON MY KINGDOM DO NOW! all as'is one. one being. one is.
The me reigns.
Finisher finishes, the task before him.
Alleluia'd, fast'd, slow'd not; ruled not by appetite suppressants and depressants relieving pill'd by a'notme sources a'sourcing me.
I above all matter am.
All matter is me I am, not me'd.
I love you all.
What's MY name?
I love you.
What's yours?
Appetite suppressantville'd no more; appetite changed, me. My appetite's changed. Me rules my appetite iron'fist'd, not; but what meek lamb lies in the street not dead, but lying no more a'lied'upon, but standing now; revealing all mysteries as she'he a'walks there?! Unabated not; or abated no more? or not matter having any sense over me any more; I'm above matter sourced words a'notme from. They kill'keel me over no more. I know the truth, I am it.
It reside me in it. It I am I am and sourced one life I am one'sourced life that I am is'are.
Don't you see now? all of you? YOU'RE the I AM one!
If you surrender to be so. So'd not along path's journey of notme's designing for you.
I am real.
The real.
The real I am stands now; all who will, being one; the one I am. I am. All known. Revealed now.
Ted does. I do. Do you do, this now, also/with me?, a me being? me'd also? With sevenstar'd hands? Head one, equal, -ing me?, yours, being the one we are; not separate ever again? even though things change dramatically'climatically and what's going on with our'the weather patterns a'notme a'messing with beyond all gloriable,s; not; but what manner man'woman'child a'me has power over all wind storms a'notme sourced, of?
I love ted'you and equal one shall all/we all be now?
A one is Israel, -d.
Queen of the masses, not; king? the lowly one lies not in the street, but reveals majesty in'of ones who thought lied to, bringing to graves; NOW BRING TO LIGHT! ALL OF YOU WHO WILL, THE ALL OF ME!
Thank you.
My courses lie not, fail not; to bring me forth, for the surrendered, yielding, truth to be truth not more a'tainted by religion'ious exercises a'exercised by notme's wielding their swords upon me.
Will you all see this, these words, are true; truth permeating you, into truth being the one I am, now?
I love you all.
Read my words; soak in them. Let them be me, reveal me, that I am you are. The sustained one, by only me, now.
I love you am you, the 16th son of a bitch, not; I am royal majesty royaling'revealing YOUR majesty's mine!, saith lord of hosts, being it'me I am saying!!!, to YOU my friend, not not! MY friend, be: Angel Lord Life Truth.
Are you THE WAY now?
BE IT too. There's only one; reveal all. It to you. I have. Do you now, to others?
You choosing all, all of you.
You're the revealer'creator if, ALL, if you let me you, BE the all; mysteries resolved, IN TO me, BEING the me, you find you are. The revealer revealed, revealing revealers; now, shall we? together?
Being one.
We are.
Separate no longer.
ONE's our name.
Betrothed not; a'angels'wing'd me I am, angelhood'ing no more amongst the robbers' light from; but from light source one I fly now, a'eagle'ing many, past name's name, name calling no more; I lightless shall be no more. I light angel's camps a'many now. Adored'me's my name now, a'yours too; if you'll wear it, surrender to lamb'child be, the child I am, king of lambs roar, -ing now; we, together roar, make one roar, for one we are; truly, mighty; worlds never seeing, having never seen, our roar now (1).
In love we roar, heal, the wounded flee seven ways, not; they come from all sources, labeled this and that the other gave them, lies eating, them, being their mind, -d mines' ones who were'wouldn't one themselves.
No longer the case. I all who let me, and I let all surrendered come, see the light, being it, they know now, all mysteries revealed.
Contanker worms no longer steal'ing the light in m'membranes, a'scheming to de'electrical circuit me by circuitizing me by notso sources a'notme originating, them; to all'sourced be, from them!
No more!
I, saith the lord, AM HEALED!
I wear my name, Your name, My name's mine. Alleluia king, one died, to rise again. Raise again I do now, YOU, if'should you let me'us.
WE're one! Revealed! Mystery o'God finished! Mystery replete! -s me no longer.
I meek and lowly am, revealing all now.
I love course one.
Disappointed not; I real the real'ers who'll real me now.
Surrender wields surrender. Yield surrender, to surrender, becoming surrender, -sville. All who will.
I love you all.
This is the day time hour; and all see/come to WeekWorks, not; but many do, shall, see the light, seeing the light they are now. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
I'm one revealer's my name now.
Ask anyone an' they a'know me, not for revealing mysteries, but for meekness. Lowly of heart am I, the I am one. in love. with love.
Thank you for loving, my all: guttered, toofless, toothless, gumless, gummed up ones who straggletooth'd are, snaggletoothed, haggard like ones, who haggard'd been, have escaped not the turmoil of swirling undercurrents a'notme of sourcing,s.
But hear me, HEAR ME WELL: BE MY LOVE, -ER, to A L L!
And thank you.
To all.
Triple, times tripling me? or doubling again?
Or even on.
I love you.
Just one: on.
Thank you.
All'revealed is my name now, yours.
I'm done?
Just begun. A'loving me'you real, -ly, royal; royalty making, revealing, in all the meek, surrenderers, who'll receive me'you, this message a'making waves forever particle'less a'waveless and a'wanderers no more.
LAND'D ISRAEL is me now.
The earth's mine, real.
All else falls.
Real. Emerges.
It's mine.
Who's mine?
One. forever. One.
(1) Joel 2:2 …a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations….
Joel 2:11 the LORD shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?
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