Cottingham September 27, 2007 1am. Forward freely.
I love the warmth of my savior, not; I am him, it. I have no sin. I had it! I crucified it. With the man of sin, not; sin wanted me, not; the savior.
Don't you see????
Sin wanted no'sin to become no'sin's enemy, not; just not the savior he was.
I love you.
Loving you with these words; aren't I? Cataclysmic? To armchair suffering? Fields awaiting me, you, to be there; go there, a'suffering'not channel surfing'er'itus; but fields go unheeded; wanting no'sin, not; but entering me'hood; who will now?
The elementary'd one? Or de so; those who de-elementary'd are, have been known, to savior'killing fields, that reward won't, receive, me.
I love the all/them all. And alleluia I will, the them I will, should they let me. They create evil. So beautiful'not. They are SO beautiful, casting they beauty before'to dogs, being that which they ate/ate them, -selves. So ugly not; in reality. If they only knew the savior, was them!
Who'll tell them ted?
You will.
Time ripe.
Now's yours.
Rise today.
Loving you real. Amen.
Loving to real the real. Amen.
Cored suffering, to come out of. Amen.
Me loves thee.
Amen me now more than ever? Or let the sunbirds sing? A'suffering not leads the ways, into the way. I am the way now.
I let all, the way know; said before, haven't I? (1).
Who'll search out the/this matter before thee, not small; now knowing.
Wrestling with it, not; but who'll wrestle the angel, for his mantle, not; but dismissing not saviorhood as demeaninghood; mistake not the savior for another, when HE IS YOU! SHE IS YOU READER HEARER! YOU! YOU!
Don't you see the capital letters? The capitol letters, I now open, are now open, for to; to you. Savior me!
I let you, beg you; on bended begging knee, -s, I am, here; before thee.
What night will you be made whole?
For the savior.
To come whisk you away to wheresville now?
Who's whisking whisky favorites, not; favors not; but currying what now forms me? The thought process that's me! That's who forms me. The creator creates, me!
Don't you see surrender, ultimate surrender; creates ultimate surrender, coming forth alleluia'd!
I love the stars/starry sky'd night. Alone not. I savioritus am not, succumbing to. Don't you see? You can't wear it, frame it, degree it as authentication methods fail to kingdomize the kingdom'not; but allowing it to fail, collapse; become the real'seen, Israel being. That's a graduate Mike. ME! I've become a ME'D one!
Empty of self; became the stars/starry scarred night, not; but what crown do I wear? That, the creators, create on my head?
Nay; the starry crowned one, is me; I placed it there, not; father did/has. One and/for all, that now come forth, abated forth no more; but completely'ized and whole, love manifest for the earth,s.
A'whole'ing me, I am now. Creating all creators I have, did, from start 13, not; a one who loves me is 7. Times 7?
Or 49's not forgiveness' numbers, -ese; but who can see the savior, is them?
I love you all.
Give you me.
I love the savior.
Become the savior I have, follow me; to savior school? Shall we go there, now?
Awaiting your command, not; wilt thou be made whole?
Body mind and soul, not; what havest/aileth thee to be made so sore'ous, -ly wounded? Church did this? No. Notme did, it royal; a royal job, at de-royaling me; took my crown and gave it away. Said it was Christ's, and Christ was not me, another had come supplanting me.
I IT am.
Loving you all.
See 13's not; will you be made whole? Replete? The savior school makes me so, not; but receive loving care, not; there, not; but receive ye the word of the lord, that YOU'RE THE LORD, OF HOSTS! THERE IS NO OTHER! Imposter rules me not; I'm the I AM OF HOSTS. THERE IS NO OTHER.
And now other knows Christ, for I'm him'it, and now other is silenced; the silence deafening, not; but what sound is that I hear, falling in my ear, saying see me hear me feel me come here. Ready for you I am, are you ready for me? to be made free?
Body mind and soul, not; no'soul'd, body mind mine alone; perfect'd and perfect, -ly free now; from all'care, to be only mine'heart'body; save one, not; another? Wilt thou savior be?
Body mind and heart be? or, just one heart, mine save alone?
I love you all.
See what I've said "body mind and soul"-not.
What body? Mind? Soul?
Or just one, ME?, NO'BOUNDARY'D -LY? Being now.
A school shines, me, forth.
A'boundary'd'not school.
A freedom school does this.
A'loving you does this, unto lovingsville being now, the loveree loved, loving lovers admiringly forever, not; admiring not flesh again. Thou mindest things above that are real now; and knowing savioritus school no more fleshwise (2), BUT SAVIORWISE!
S E E E E E E what I am saying!

I love you all now and forever put 13 stars in your hand, not; take 6 out.
Thank you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you still.
Be still, and know that I am God (3).
I shall be exalted in the earthworld, below, beneath, above me, I am me'world in, throughout the scar/star world; now see what I've said, given you; starry 13 ones, not; 7 cast me not ever again.
I 13 am not ever again.
I 7 am and shall be, remain.
The stars cast me not. Never again remain I silent. I SHOUT the word,s my father gives'gave me. I NOW them are! I AM THEM!
They birth me.
A savior I am in waiting no more.
I birthworld am, the saviorschool one, of one world, many to be many now. A many'membered one, and growing largesse now; or largest, not; or capitalization techniques of me'not reign not in, but savior one school shows me all things, not; now father does. Where's he live? In Tulsa, not; inside. In your heart, mind, thinker device (4); creating him me, shall we'you now?
Knowing empires fall, crash, now.
I love you all.
Be not afraid, not a'fear'd. For behold I great tidings bring! A savior is born in Israel this night! Not. But when born'birthed? TODAY! IS THE DAY!!!
It's knees, not; or that too?
A real you born, birthed now.
Ted's his name, what's yours?
Outcast not; the bringer'in'er arrives, birthed now.
Isaiah 11:11 me to death, not; a life reborn, a'born one now; born'ing Israel, a free place, all see now, choosing me, their savior; not as thought in thoughtland; but thoughtless, a battle rises'wages, not; a'still'd one rises, me. in. the stillness of the night? Daytime thought? Or what time is it Beijing style? -ing me, not; but what Manilla, vanilla'd not; chocolate chip, not; banana nut, not; but what mochachina'ing I am now, with my who let me all them; all knowing become. Alleluia. All in all.
I see what I've said, come to, see; being the savior I am; over all the earth, not;
Training school?
Ruling reigning school?
LEADERSHIP ME!, they cry in the streets of me'hood'ville, not; a leader they've become get there! to get there!/ENTER!
Entering saviorland, being he'no'sin now.
All rise.
I'm one, done; 'cept for the shoutin.
I done ma.
NO one told me it'd be like this.
Elementary'd ancients not; but 13 rules never again.
I 7 am forever. Perfected me reigns a'preme now; preemie, not; but child I am; kingdom knows me my name now.
All bow/rise.
I bow.
Bow before all.
Curtain draws.
I've risen.
I am, I am. Whole replete complete.
The human race, over.
Shall we have been one?
Two not; we shall have been one.
O're evil?/the grave?
Yes, over all. I cast.
Spitless am I.
Dried saliva am I, not; behold the lamb, I am he. That sent me. You. Me. We're the one one now.
All know/knowing it.
All surrendered am, I am he. Supreme sacrifice? Of your world, for others? Other way around? Or not round at all.
Right angle'd were; no more.
I love am free. One. To behold, I'm, the one I am/sought to see!
Me! I'm the surrendered one. Grave'd/graven no more.
Imaged no more, ever again.
Graveless; gravenless, I am free all care.
I love am.
Forgiven. Forgiveness became me, for I became it! We were one'd, by savior school, not; the words given me. I learned how where? There'ville, not; but Tulsa? What's in?
The word.
Is me.
I beheld a great creation. Cataclysmism.
The real beholds me. I it.
One I am.
Loving you all.
Be me/the earth again, as I designed it; whole, complete, replete.
All in all me's my battle cry, not; stillness. The night lies.
Aroma me.?
I'm one.
Christ's my name, yours is, too.
Be surrendered, find life.
You gave it to.
To be one now, find, -ing out all (5).
Write the book of life, I did.
Now I open it; I opened it, to bring you mine, to see yours.
Open your seals.
I declare it, not; I yield, your creatorship, is you'born.
I love you.
Good night.
More, shall we?
Forever, lie under stars?
Make, birth, them.
Universes mine, yours.
We're one now.
The son changes me, knowing, I'm him it one, the father is.
Holy ghost not; holy ted, holy your name here:_____________.
Thank you son/Sam/Shane.
You all know me.
You're one, with me.
Loving you all.
Good day.
Throttle's open wide!
SEE the stars/starry spaces now; spaceless, -ness; all mine/given you.
Be authority'd all, I superfluous no more; I center am.
Father all'd me.
Loving you all.
Good day.
Hour's mine.
All know, -ing, and known. I am.
In the night?
7 was, is. 8, reigns. Supreme.
All, I love you. This much.
Gave you me/these words, what do with them are you, write them out? writing them out? You'ese'style? -ing them, not; your pen writing them into your understanding, role'ing them not another's, but into you's'ville perfecting it/you.
All, I love you.
Good day/afternoon, shall we write again more?
Coffee, shall we have some, together?
Drop in for a cup!
Of life.
And never run dry again (6).
I salute you!
Yep! I did it. Done it now?
The ole lady's not for it, but God said it.
God said it?
Couldn't shake it. His voice, is mine!
I'm the revelator he says, tells me now; that he is, not; that I am, the revelator.
So I surrendered, to find out.
I'm processed systematized, not; I flawless am, not; I'm surrendered, to know'find'out, that I'm the savior, the lamb. 13 no more; I'm 7.
(1) John 14:6 … I am the way….
(2) 2 Cor 5:16 Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.
(3) Psa 46:10 Be still and know that I am God….
(4) Luke 17:21 …for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
(5) John 14:6 … I am the way, the truth, and the life….
(6) John 4:14 but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.
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