The Beach!!!! I love it!

I hope everyone is having a very blessed summer.

I am writing to let you know of two big needs right now.

**The bike ministry at Potter's House - Virginia Beach United Methodist Church on 18th and Pacific is desperately in need of bikes to repair and give to those at the beach who are employed with no means of transportation. This is a very important ministry and at this time we are OUT of bikes. Please email me (Jean) at if you know of or have any bikes to donate and I will forward your email to the great guy who runs this important ministry.

**I am looking for housing for a young woman and her child. She is able to pay up to 800/mo in rent but really needs to be located at the oceanfront due to employment and the need to be close by to her father. If you know of any oceanfront housing that would meet this need please email me with a contact number that I can pass on to her.

God Bless All!