Generation Fire News February Edition


A)      Partnering with Generation Fire

B)      Generation Fire Breakfast 08

C)      Experiencing His Presence

D)      International Gathering July 08

E)      Joel News Australia

F)      A Week of 24/7 Prayer

G)     Up and Coming Events

H)      A Women is Raised from the Dead

Editors Note:

The Drought is breaking, the rivers are flooding, the grass is getting long, Let us all Praise God for what he is doing and has done. Thank him for sending rain in the midst of drought.

Let us believe that the spiritual drought in the church will come to an end.


A)   Partnering with Generation Fire

2008 is going to be the biggest year yet for all of us.

So much is happening around the nation in the sense of prayer and transformation.

And so much is happening for Generation Fire. Hence I would like to put our invitation and call to those who enjoy reading this newsletter, for those who have been to Generation Fire events or who have been impacted by the ministry of Generation Fire.This is the time we now need your support.
 This year we need to raise $100,000 to be able to achieve and do all we are called to do as a movement.We are looking for people to consider financially supporting the ministry and this can be done through online donations using Paypal, or sending a monthly cheque to our address. 
 What will this be going towards!!!
Here are lists of things in which we require financial support for (Setting up admin office, Purchase of Color Laser Printer, Graphic Software, Video Camera, Air travel, Internet Costs, Phone Expenses, Car Expenses, and Costs for Public Liability Insurance)

Then there will be up and coming costs for hosting our International Conference, and we would like to be able to send gifts to our friends in Nepal, Solomon Islands and Bangladesh who are all partnering with Generation Fire currently.

 We realize we can’t do any of this without your prayers and financial support – if you would like to become a partner of Generation Fire please respond to this E-Newsletter

Indicate how much you can support us on a monthly basis.

Arrangements can be made with your bank to send monthly deposits into our account.

We are also looking for people who which to work for Generation Fire in the area of (Graphic Design, Web Development and Multimedia) this is a voluntary role and you would need to raise your own support as it is a ministry.
B) Generation Fire Breakfast (Take Our Schools) 08
 Attention Youth Leaders
We would like to invite to a Breakfast and One Day Intensive on Mobilizing Prayer in our Schools and Uni’s.
Come and meet the Generation Fire team, and hear the vision and exciting things God is doing in the nation.
Guest Speakers: Ps Brian Unterheinner & Ps Donny McGregor, Sarah Plummer
When: Saturday 1st March 2008
Time: 8.30am – onwards
Cost: $10

Where: Newtown Mission 280 King St Newtown

 Who to invite: Your team, or prayer warriors within your youth ministry.
C) Experiencing His Presence

Experiencing his Presence will commence again on Friday 7th March 9.30pm

Venue: TBC
For more info- email –
D) Generation Fire International Conference July 08

Friends we are excited to announce that we will be taking Early Bird Registrations from 1st Feb 2008 get in early a Fantastic offer of $80 per person

Details about the up and coming Conference
Date: Friday 11th – Mon 14th July 2008
Theme: The Father’s Lounge Room

Venue: Blue Mountains Christian School

We are inviting friends of Generation Fire to join us for 4 days as we gather for the first time, anyone who has a calling to be a Fire starter, to light fires, and to be carriers of Gods Fire and Presence to join together for this time.
For those around Australia – this is your moment- let us gather together from around the nation with friends from different nations as we meet with God from on top of the mountain- in his lounge room consumed by the fire of his presence.

Praying for the release of his fire over Sydney and the nations as they gather to celebrate World Youth Day.

Connect World- As apart of the Generation Fire Gathering on Monday a group of emerging leaders will spend a whole day together in building relationship, hearing god stories from around the world and looking a new ways of bringing the kingdom of God to where people are.
We suggest you book your flights ASAP.

Those who plan to come from overseas who require a visa; Generation Fire can provide an official invitation with bank statement on request.
Conference Brochures and an online page will be available within weeks.
A special webpage will be setup with information concerning the Conference on the Generation Fire website.

Further information will also be posted on Face book.

We would love for teams to come from different nations it will be a glimpse of heaven as people representing every tribe and nation will be joined together in united worship and prayer.
E) Joel News Australia

Generation Fire has a partnership with Joel News International to provide you with the latest news of what God is doing around the world; we currently provide a RSS News feed directly from our website.


Joel News has put together a special DVD (Why Europe? Why Now?)

What is the DVD about?

Europe has become one of the world's most challenging mission fields. The church seems to be in decline, but under the surface, on a grassroots level, new life is springing forth! God is at work in Europe in most unlikely ways. A television crew of the Caleb Project visited dozens of places across the continent and interviewed the pioneers of exciting 'fresh expressions' of church and ministry.

Practical details: The DVD is (only) English spoken. The playtime is 30 minutes. It's being distributed in a standard plastic DVD cover. It's an excellent tool for vision casting, teaching and prayer mobilization for Europe.

Special Price available to Australia

$42 Aud for one per DVD                                                                                             

$34 Aud for 10 plus per DVD                                                                                           

$26 Aud for 25 plus per DVD                                                                                                                                   


F) A week of 24/7 Prayer

Island Breeze Sydney is hosting a Week of 24/7 Prayer
YWAM Island Breeze Sydney is pleased to invite you to a 24/7 Worship Week from February 3rd-9th 2008. We felt that God just wanted us to spend time worshipping Him in all the creative ways that He has given us. We have extended this invitation to different churches around the area and we are hoping that you would join us too in this opportunity to worship together as the body of Christ.

We have put together a schedule for the whole week and are hoping that through our different gifts we can bring a pleasing offering to our Lord. The vision began with Revelation 4 v 8-11 and just envisioning the angels worshipping God day and night and all they could say is Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty.

Please find attached the invitation flyer that you can print out and distribute to all who have a heart to worship God. We also have attached a schedule in case your congregation would like to lead us in a time of worship. It can be through singing, playing an instrument, reading poems, reading scripture, dancing, drawing, painting... we want to leave space to the Holy Spirit to lead this time as well as we just focus on worshipping the King of kings.
We look forward to hearing from you.

G) Up and Coming Events in February/ March 08
Mon 3- 9th Feb A week of 24/7 Prayer (Island Breeze Sydney)

121 Rooty Hill Rd South – Rooty Hill

Friday 8th Feb Worship in the City – Hosted by NSW Catholic Charismatic Renewal
Venue: St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral
Contact Cathy for more details 0412 809 327
Sat 1st March – Generation Fire- Take Our Schools Breakky
                                                         Newtown Mission – 280 King St Newtown 8.30am

Friday 7th March – Experiencing His Presence

1st -10th May – 10 Days of Prayer- (Global Day of Prayer)

10th May- Praying from High Places

11th May – Global Day of Prayer

H)   A women is raised from the dead

"I came back, because it was the will of God for me to live with my children. But I would be very happy to go back there. Now I have seen when a Christian dies, he goes to a better place…."

(Ethiopia)—Fatuma Shubisa, had married an evangelist, and had converted to Christianity from Islam. But the Ethiopian mother-of-nine fell sick and, after some time, she was found to have passed away by her mother who had come to care for her. (Photo: CBN)

There was great mourning in the small village of Alelu, as Fatuma's death was made known among friends and family members. But word of Fatuma's passing also reached the ears of a Christian missionary named Warsa Buta, who was in the area.

Acting on a promise he says the Lord gave him the day he was saved—that God would raise the dead through him—Buta sought out the deceased woman.

A non-Christian crowd gathered as Buta the missionary continued to pray over Fatuma's sheet-covered body. They asked, "Why is this Pentecostal man praying over a dead body?"

Warsa related what happened next, "I had faith the Lord would work through me. I prayed as Peter prayed. 'Fatuma, be raised. I ask you in the name of the Lord. Come to life.' When I prayed that prayer—'Fatuma, rise in the name of Jesus'—she sat up in the bed."

It had been 12 hours since Fatuma had died.

"…Immediately I found myself in my body," explained Fatuma, "I sat up in my bed and started asking, 'What is this? What's happening? What's going on?' Then everybody was surprised. Some were commenting, 'A Pentecostal man can call back a dead soul to a body? If this is real, then we all will become Christians.' And they were shouting."

During the time she was deceased, Fatuma apparently experienced some wonderful glimpses of Heaven and of family members who had gone before, which she talks about on the CBN video report.

Watch this amazing account on video by accessing the link provided.

Source: Dan Reany – 700 Club