Beloved in Christ, Praise the Lord! Five new believers from the other community accepted and witnessed Christ in water in Bhothli village on 1st March 09. Please pray for them to stand and grow in spirit. You may see them: 2. Please pray for the ministry among villages of MP/CG for needs, protection from radicals/wild animals and success.(recently while returning from Mandla we have encountered a leaopard). 3. Please pray for the forthcmong Fire Conference from 16 to 21 Mar 09 at Bhilai for needs and protection from radicals. God Bless you! Pr Mohan C Thomas Grace Church - TIM 5B/40 Sec 10 Bhilai 490 006 CG ======================================================= This newsletter distributed courtesy of OurChurch.Com, providing free websites and search engine for Christians. (160939)